PlayStation Eye

While we’re still not entirely comfortable with the idea of having conversations with our consoles, it sounds like Sony may actually be ripping a page out of Microsoft’s book. The product listing for the PlayStation 4’s enhanced PlayStation Eye camera on describes “navigational voice controls” as one of the device’s selling points.

Back in May, the platform holder posted a job request for a ‘Speech Recognition Engineering Intern’. According to that filing, the company was looking for someone to assist with the production of a solution for the “processing of noisy speech with human voice in the background”. That sounds a lot like living room voice detection to us.

Even more interesting is that the new PlayStation Eye features a “four channel microphone array”, which is designed to detect vocals from various different directions. Put it all together, and it sounds a lot like you’ll be able to eschew button presses in favour of voice commands. We’ve contacted Sony to make sure, and will update when we get word back.

Update: Sony has confirmed that the PlayStation Eye will support voice recognition on the PS4.

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