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Male, 36, United Kingdom

Primarily a music and sports game fan, but I've got big love for all genres and platforms. The Dreamcast is the best.

Sun 24th Apr 2011

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SuperKMx commented on Feature: This Man's PS4 Collection Is Bigger T...:

I think I'd go crazy with this many physical copies in my house. I have one shelf of physical games and I view them as taking up too much space. Especially when I've got at least as many games as are on the shelf installed digitally on each of my PS4/Wii U drives and 200+ XO titles on an external drive that's the size of a couple DVD cases.

Hats off to Valtteri, and good luck! I could never be the man that buys a physical copy of Putty Squad or Angry Birds Star Wars. You're a better man than I.



SuperKMx commented on A Huge Happy Birthday to the PS4 on Its Second...:

@Neolit "I hope the enlightenment has long lasting effect of you not looking for and giving attention to minute rants on sites not in your area of responsibility."

Indeed it has had a long lasting effect. Although "don't engage with trolls" is actually what I have (re)learned.

I shall continue to reply to any posts made on a public comment forum (which would be an example of you "initiating a dialogue" with the community, as it goes) without requiring permission from anyone to do so, thanks.



SuperKMx commented on A Huge Happy Birthday to the PS4 on Its Second...:

@Neolit As an editor, I do care, which is why I have no problem calling it backwards compatibility. As stated before, the expectation from users is that the system allows you to play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One, which is exactly what occurs. Regardless of what's done by Microsoft/publishers to make it happen.

If we're calling things what they are, how dare anyone refer to a system update as a system update? It should be called "downloading and extracting a new version of the firmware to replace the old version in order to provide new functionality, bug fixes, and other system-level changes." After all, it can't convert a PlayStation 3 into a PlayStation 4, can it? So it isn't strictly able to "update" my system. Call it what it is!

(Also, part of my job is to not arbitrarily change the name of services provided by the company that I cover, solely to please the single person I've ever seen have a problem with that name. My job is actually make sure that my writers use the same terms as the company, in order to avoid confusion.)

Anyway, I'm out. Thanks for the conversation. It was enlightening.



SuperKMx commented on A Huge Happy Birthday to the PS4 on Its Second...:

@Neolit I'll ignore the childish snark (I'm the Editor of this site's sister site, PureXbox. I assure you that I don't need to read up on how backward compatibility works on Xbox One) and just ask you one simple question: Who cares?

WHY does it matter? What difference does it make to ANYONE whether Microsoft calls it "backwards compatibility", "future retro", "retro future", "software based platform emulation" or "digital monkey barrels"? You can play Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. That is what people expect when they hear "backwards compatibility." That is what they get. So you have to download the game code bundled with an optimized version of the O/S. So what?

I really don't see what difference it makes, but hey, maybe I'm not looking to poke needless holes in it all.



SuperKMx commented on A Huge Happy Birthday to the PS4 on Its Second...:

@Neolit Not to derail things, but the reason it's called "backward compatibility" is because Xbox One owners can play games that they owned on Xbox 360, without having to buy anything or do anything other than put the disc in the drive, or choose to install a game from the list. They may be recompiled, but they're still Xbox 360 games that work on Xbox One. To pick holes in the name is just pedantic.

Also, just because someone writes something positive about the service, doesn't mean that it has been paid for by Microsoft. I have written several positive articles about it and haven't been paid a dime. I dislike the accusation that the only thing I'm allowed to do is put my blinkers on and write negative diatribes about Microsoft, otherwise I have somehow been paid off. By accusing writers in that way, you're accusing ALL writers. Sammy writes positive articles about Sony. Does he get paid for them by Sony? Of course he doesn't. How about the Nintendo Life guys? Do they get paid to say nice things about the Wii U? Of course they don't. Please bear in mind that there are actual PEOPLE with opinions and feelings who are writing these articles, before throwing around accusations.

Back to the topic, and happy birthday, PlayStation 4! I've enjoyed using mine for sure. Resogun, DriveClub, Rocket League, The Last of Us...good times...good times. About to get cracking on the Nathan Drake Collection, too.



SuperKMx commented on Is PSN Down in Europe? You'll Be Able to Find ...:

@BLPs It isn't to do with expectations or fixing anything, sadly. The simple fact is that no matter what Sony do to fix any problems that have persisted in the past, they can't ever totally rule out hardware failures or DDOS attacks.

Always nice to have a feature that tells people what the state of the network is. It reduces calls/emails/tweets to customer support, and it doesn't cost them very much to do. Surprised it took them this long!



SuperKMx commented on Talking Point: How Important Is Game Length?:

@Radbot42 I respectfully disagree.

That's sort of like saying that because it takes just as long to drink, a bottle of champagne should cost the same amount as a bottle of water.

A short game can be well worth the money. Look at Journey as an example. Then compare it to pretty much any other title that costs the same amount.



SuperKMx commented on Feature: Four of Assassin's Creed Unity's Most...:

@get2sammyb Yup, me too. Really, really enjoyed the characters and the setting all the way through, but I'd have been glad to wait two more months for them to actually finish the game.

I'm guessing that one day, Ubisoft will learn how to promote a game that releases outside of the Christmas period. Far Cry, Rogue, Unity, Shape Up, The Crew...all releasing within a four week window. It's borderline ridiculous.



SuperKMx commented on Weirdness: You're Going to Want This Nifty PSo...:

I just hope its stronger than the Dreamcast and Mega Drive bags that they launched. Owned both. The DC bag's zip broke within about 3 days, and the strap on the Mega Drive bag snapped after a month despite it not being anything like overloaded. Unless you call a 500ml bottle of Pepsi and an A4 jotter pad "overloaded", that is.

It's a shame - I really like the design of this.



SuperKMx commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game...:

No Man's Sky. Looked absolutely beautiful. Really impressed by the fact you could wander around on the planet and then just...boom...head off into space. Kind of what I'd expect a modern day Elite to look and play like, I think. Can't wait for it!



SuperKMx commented on Talking Point: Will the PS4 Get a Price Drop a...:

Absolutely not a chance of a price drop at E3. It would make no sense for Sony to cut the price at this point. There's far more likelihood of Sony announcing new game bundles, or even a bundle that includes a year's PS Plus or something.



SuperKMx commented on You'll Now Be Able to Buy PSN Content Directly...:

@get2sammyb I'll be honest, I don't see how they've gotten it so wrong. More than that, the fact that I need to update the PS Store software every other time I want to buy something is the main thing that puts me off. But hey, the PS4 will undoubtedly improve things and if not, we can all just head to Amazon.



SuperKMx commented on You'll Now Be Able to Buy PSN Content Directly...:

This is amazing. So many benefits to doing things like this. The main one being that I won't have to use the godawful PS Store! Plus Amazon running their own discounts will be sweet, as well as the fact that gamers will be able to use Amazon gift certificates



SuperKMx commented on PS4 Will Make PS3's 'Good' Online Experience '...:

What would make it better for me? For Sony to stop thinking that the PS3's network is anything like "good." It'll improve with PS4 of course, but it'll absolutely have to now that people will be paying for it.



SuperKMx commented on GamesCom 2013: Relive PlayStation President An...:

@Gamer83 This. All day, this.

Sony's conference had some highlights, but they clearly hadn't paid the crowd enough. Every other thing someone said had a 5 second pause for applause, and got nothing. The showmanship isn't needed. Care about your own business, and maybe you won't have time to take shots at other companies. House's was a poorly thought-out move designed to spark an ovation, and it didn't work. After not cutting enough or adding enough for Vita to be a value proposition, they needed more than this cheapness to get the job done.

As for labelling people as "Microsheep" and "Xbots" and whatnot. Seriously, commenters? Is it 1998 again? Are we all 12? When you pay money for a console, you don't then owe the corporation that made it anything at all. I edit Nlife's Xbox site, and I've got a Vita, PS3, Wii U and 3DS sat in my lounge, and a PS4 on preorder. When I criticise something Sony has done, or praise something Microsoft has done, am I a Microsheep? An Xbot? Or just a gamer?

Some folks need to grow up and play games, not formats. They don't own you, lads and lasses.



SuperKMx commented on Reaction: Xbox One's FIFA 14 Giveaway Is Smart...:

No, it doesn't make the console cheaper, you're right. However, there's a fair few hundred thousand people who were planning on buying an Xbox One with FIFA 14 - myself included. That now means that I can buy the Xbox One, get FIFA 14 for nothing, and pick up another title for the same money. Instantly, Microsoft's effective attach rate goes up.

It also pushes FIFA into homes where it wouldn't necessarily have even been considered, so benefits EA as well.

To pick up a PS4 and FIFA will cost me £389.99-£404.99. So I'm getting the Kinect sensor for £25-40, effectively. At £100, I could see why people would baulk at the Kinect sensor being "forced" upon them. At £40? Not so much.

Of course, if you've no interest in FIFA, then...



SuperKMx commented on Talking Point: Do You Intend to Buy the PS4's ...:

I can only sum it up with the phrase "it depends."

All I've seen of the camera is a couple of official hardware shots, which says to me that Sony will support it just as poorly as they did PlayStation Move. It doesn't appear to be any sort of priority for them, and just seems to have been put together so they can say "Yeah, we've got a camera TOO" - which is never the right attitude to take.

They might wow me at Gamescom or Eurogamer, but given that nobody anywhere has really even mentioned any games that are being developed to support the camera, I just don't see it.