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Wed 20th Jun 2012

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MMLgamer commented on EA Wants More Diversity in Game Development:

Racial diversity for its own sake is equal to racism.
Mathematical proof:
If 10 White People < 5 White People + 5 Black People
10W < 5W + 5B
Simplifies to
10W < 5(W + B)
Then divide both sides by 5 and
2W < W + B
Then subtract W from both sides and
W < B
(White person is less than a Black person)
And that is racist.



MMLgamer commented on GamesCom 2013: Relive PlayStation President An...:

@Gamer83 "One thing I appreciate about Nintendo, it doesn't engage in this kind of childish nonsense."

Uh, yes they did.

"One of our competitors is a manufacturer in Japan who wants to capture every one of your entertainment dollars transporting all your content between all your electronic devices on THEIR memory sticks. We're not that company. And there's another company out there who doesn't care what you do as long as you do it on THEIR operating system. We're not that company either."
Reggie E3 2004



MMLgamer commented on Sony Bundling 3 Month Bonuses with Annual PS P...:

@rjejr You do realize that you don't have to own a system to get the games. In fact now that the web store has been released, I don't think you even need a PS3 or PS Vita to take advantage. You can add the free games to your account now and enjoy them when you buy the system. Really, the other perks of PS+ don't matter compared to this one.