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Sony: PS4 Is Ahead, But We're Playing the Long Game

Posted by Sammy Barker

Platform holder staying sharp

Few would argue that the PlayStation 4 is enjoying an incredible build up to launch. The platform hasn’t really put a foot out of place since its announcement in February, and the mounting excitement surrounding the system is being reflected by positive pre-order numbers. Those figures, according to SCEUK boss Fergal Gara, are ahead of the Xbox One right now – but the company’s not getting too excited just yet.

“Based on feedback, yes [we are ahead on pre-orders],” he told TechRadar as part of an exhaustive interview. “But what we say as a team is that we've had a good few weeks, but we're in for the long game. So let’s be satisfied, but let’s keep our heads down, keep focused, and realise that it's a long game, so success is not realised way before launch. It's a good start, but there's much, much, much more to go."

The comments reflect a wider corporate mantra at the moment, filtering all the way from the top. Earlier this week, SCEA president Jack Tretton made a similar statement, telling IGN that the company merely won “one day of a ten year battle” at E3. You can’t help but grin at the firm’s humble approach, can you? It certainly makes a change from the “second job” days.


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Epic said:

Right now for me is Sony vs PC vs Nintendo.
Microsoft lost already too much fans thanks to their whole DRM stuff even thought they backed down most of the consumers still feel betrayed and some will pick PS4 because its cheaper.
The only way Microsoft can enter again into the stage is if they remove Kinect from the Xbox One(With it removing 100$) or they take 50$-100$ from the price selling at loss. It's a shame look at them in this position after showing only games on their conference.



shingi_70 said:

Sony got me on their side and i'm going PS4/Vita/Wii U/3DS this generation.

Picking up a Vita hopefully next month, and a PS4 at launch.



pikku said:

I'm not completely sold on the PS4 yet, mainly because there's not many games that interest me yet, but PS4 is most likely the one I'll go with when I do decide to get a next gen console. I'm probably going to be picking up a Vita in the next few months, though.



DoublezZ01 said:

They have indeed learned from past mistakes!!! Not letting the glory rush to there heads is a damn good thing!!! =D



Ginkgo said:

Tretton's comments were great to see because he is right. MS aren't going anywhere. This is just the beginning and the tight competition is great for everyone.



Gamer83 said:

Eventhough it backed down from the idiotic policies it initially tried to enact, MS has put itself in a distant third for me heading into this gen and this is coming from somebody who has been a big supporter of the Xbox brand.

I'm getting the PS4 first without question. Since 2009, the PS3 has been, by far, the best console on the market and Sony has better first party studios than MS does. The Wii U will be the second console I get because I want to play Nintendo games. I may get an Xbox One eventually to play Halo but it won't be for a good 4 years at least because I don't trust MS that it won't bring back dumb sh*t like the 24-hour check-in once the system has sold to enough people.



JaxonH said:

@Sony_70 Me too. Pre ordered a PS4, and already own a Wii U, Vita, and 3DS. Makes for a killer system comination doesn't it! I think you'll like the Vita a lot, for example I think Rayman Origins Vita is the best version available. There's something about playing sidescrollers on the Vita that's just really impressive. The Wii U is equally impressive, and has a slammin lineup starting next month. And 3DS, as you probably already know, is pure gold. PS4 will complete the setup. I really hope it sees as many timeless entries as the PS3, and I hope developers don't leave it out over the next several years in order to pander to the larger PS3 fanbase. That will really piss me off if that happens...



BlueProxy said:

Stay focused on giving us the best possible, and most diverse gaming experiences, and they should do fine. However, I do think they need a killer shooter to go head-to-head with Titan Fall (provided it doesn't remain exclusive). I could be wrong, but don't think KZ4 will be the must have shooter if they want to grab that online shooter audience. If they want to gain market share they'll def need something like that. Not that I want a bunch them on PSN though.

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