Few would argue that the PlayStation 4 is enjoying an incredible build up to launch. The platform hasn’t really put a foot out of place since its announcement in February, and the mounting excitement surrounding the system is being reflected by positive pre-order numbers. Those figures, according to SCEUK boss Fergal Gara, are ahead of the Xbox One right now – but the company’s not getting too excited just yet.

“Based on feedback, yes [we are ahead on pre-orders],” he told TechRadar as part of an exhaustive interview. “But what we say as a team is that we've had a good few weeks, but we're in for the long game. So let’s be satisfied, but let’s keep our heads down, keep focused, and realise that it's a long game, so success is not realised way before launch. It's a good start, but there's much, much, much more to go."

The comments reflect a wider corporate mantra at the moment, filtering all the way from the top. Earlier this week, SCEA president Jack Tretton made a similar statement, telling IGN that the company merely won “one day of a ten year battle” at E3. You can’t help but grin at the firm’s humble approach, can you? It certainly makes a change from the “second job” days.

[via techradar.com]