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Fri 25th Dec 2009

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pikku commented on Oh No, the Terrible PS4 Themes Have Arrived:

omg i really want that corn theme hahahaha. This is gonna sound really dumb, but how do you find it on PSN? It doesn't seem to be showing up when i search or anything... I really hope it hasn't been removed

EDIT: nevermind, I found it haha. I love it xD



pikku commented on Review: Killzone: Mercenary (PlayStation Vita):

I find it funny that you seem impressed with the fact that this game's visual's match launch titles for the Vita which came out nearly a year ago, haha.

Seriously though, I'm tempted to buy a Vita just for this game. I'm probably going to hold out until Black Friday, because there are probably going to be some killer deals this year



pikku commented on Sony: PS4 Is Ahead, But We're Playing the Long...:

I'm not completely sold on the PS4 yet, mainly because there's not many games that interest me yet, but PS4 is most likely the one I'll go with when I do decide to get a next gen console. I'm probably going to be picking up a Vita in the next few months, though.



pikku commented on Five Things You May Not Know About the PS4's C...:

Am I the only one who thinks the split screen stuff sounds weird? It's hard enough to get my family (who don't play a lot of games) to understand which screen is theirs in a split screen game of Mario Kart or Goldeneye. How am I going to explain it now that it moves if you change your seat? lol.



pikku commented on Talking Point: What PS4 Games Will Be Announce...:

I'd be sorta surprised if Killzone 4 is going to be a launch title for the PS4 (assuming it's actually launching this year), because Mercenary is coming out in September. I do think they are going to have a trailer for it at the very least, though.



pikku commented on Reaction: The Last of Us' Launch Date Points t...:

I think it's pretty likely that the PS4 will be announced at E3 and be released by December, just look at the PS2, that thing kept on getting a ton of support for YEARS after the PS3 came out. I think Sony's trying to do the same thing with the PS3.



pikku commented on Journey, Flower and Flow Getting Bundled Up:

If it's $20, I'll buy it. If it's any more i'll pass. None of the demos felt particularly compelling to me, (did flOw even have a demo??) so I wouldn't pay much more than that, honestly. (and yes, I am aware of the price point of each of the games, I'm just a cheap bastard. )



pikku commented on Slant Six Responds to RE: Operation Raccoon Ci...:

It's actually sad to see this kind of thing from the developer/publisher's point of view. But that doesn't change the fact that we as gamers don't have the money, and especially don't have the time to play every good game that comes out, much less the ones that are absolute crap.