Microsoft may have reversed some of its policies over the past couple of weeks, but it’s still hard to forget the series of sucker punches that Sony landed on its competitor during E3. It got consumers on its side by announcing that the PlayStation 4 will support used games, and then landed a killer blow by pricing its next generation platform $100 cheaper than the Xbox One.

Unsurprisingly, though, that price was not decided as a direct response to its counterpart’s console. “A multi-billion dollar publicly traded corporation makes those decisions months and months in advance,” SCEA president Jack Tretton told IGN in an episode of Up at Noon. “We felt that we had a great value proposition that people would respond to, but you don’t know how you’re going to be positioned against your competition. We felt good about it regardless of where our competition came in, but lower is better than higher, we learned that with the PlayStation 3.”

Apparently, Tretton didn’t even watch Microsoft’s press conference. “We were doing rehearsals and I was going through my stuff,” he said. “I heard a little bit of applause, and I figured that if there was applause and it was in our arena that it was probably good news.”

Despite the positivity surrounding the PS4 at the present, Tretton refuses to even flirt with the idea that Sony’s in the driving seat heading into the next generation. “I really had to allow myself to enjoy the moment for a couple of minutes after the press conference finished, and then you kind of have to shake it off and say, ‘Ok, day one of a ten year battle.’ We have to win the consumer’s support one consumer at a time, so it’s back in the trenches,” he concluded.

Some best-sellers charts put PS4 pre-orders ahead of the Xbox One at the moment, but it’s hard to happen upon solid figures. Regardless, the start of the next generation is going to be much more closely contested than the current one.

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