Having informed North American retailer GameStop to open the floodgates on PlayStation 4 pre-orders earlier in the year, Sony has now slammed shut sales of its next generation console. The giant’s website lists the vanilla edition of the impending system as “not available”, though there are still bundles on offer if you’re quick.

You may also still be able to pre-order the package at your local store, but it’s clear that stocks are depleting fast. The Japanese giant warned earlier in the year that demand may outstrip supply this holiday – despite the company pledging much more stock to shops than its closest competitor, Microsoft.

There’s a chance that the PlayStation maker may increase allocations nearer to launch, but we seriously recommend securing a pre-order wherever you can at this point. It’s only going to get harder to net a console from here on out. Have you already reserved your system? Let us know in the comments section below.

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