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Fri 3rd Feb 2012

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fullyilly commented on Hello Games Tweets: 'No Man's Sky Was a Mistake':

I really feel for the guys personally. The way I see it (and I may be wildly wrong) is that they started crafting something pretty awesome. Sony jumped in with big boots and a massive PR campaign, made promises that the little indie team couldn't fulfil and left them to struggle once it launched...whilst the money poured in. Like I say, I may totally wrong but that's my take.



fullyilly commented on GAME's Share Prices Plunge as UK Retailer Is S...:

There's something about GAME stores that is massively off putting. Layout, design, decor, prices, staff, who knows, but I never feel comfortable in their stores. Added to the fact that they single handedly moved in a put out of business every single indie games shop in almost every town across the UK, its karma I guess.

I've known scores of superb indie shops over the years where you got to know the owners, had a real relationship with them and enjoyed not only visiting the store but giving them all your business. Knowing that you are supporting an individual or a small collective of individuals that share a common interest is a wonderful feeling. That kind of loyalty cannot be given to chain stores as you know your business means nothing to them other than a number on a sheet.

I know indie games shops are gone and will never return, but I blame GAME for their demise and have personally made a point of not buying from them for many years.

Grumpy old man? Maybe



fullyilly commented on Rumour: Until Dawn Goes On-Rails for PlayStati...:

@get2sammyb I probably should have added the caveat that I've never played Until Dawn so my comments don't hold much weight I just saw horror, rails shooter and VR, and after playing some VR a few weeks ago, I cant wait to playing anything VR based in my living room tbh ha haaa.



fullyilly commented on SEGA: We Want to Win Back Gamers' Trust:

I would love to see SEGA regain its former glory, but in reality, as there isn't even one member of the original board of directors in control of the company any more, I fear its just another modern day Atari. We can hold onto hope though!



fullyilly commented on Review: RIDE (PlayStation 4):

@get2sammyb just looking around the web and youtube and it does appear that bikers seem to be enjoying this a fair bit which has lifted my spirit a little It's only £33 from most shops online so I'm going to order it again I think. Thanks man.



fullyilly commented on Review: RIDE (PlayStation 4):


I had really high hopes for this game. I used to be a biker and this title looked promising. I'm not sure what biking games manage to get so wrong. Blasting down country lanes on a sports bike is the most exhilarating experience ever, yet games have yet to even come close to capturing that.

It's been a bit of a shambles of a release too. I originally had it preordered for my Xbox One but that version got delayed, so I cancelled that and preordered it on PS4 instead. Sadly, it never showed up this morning. Upon calling the shop I was informed that they never received their stock. I then tried 5 other shops, all with the same story. Poor show for a release day. But I guess that this is what happens when you decide to release your game on the same day as THE biggest PS4 game to date.

And after this review, I'll wait until it's a budget game and pick it up in a sale I think.

Such a shame.



fullyilly commented on The Order: 1886 Will Be a Single Player Only A...:

'create a strong single player experience' may just be the single best thing I've heard this week. I'm one of a dying breed that just loves a solid, deep single player experience. My anticipation for this title just doubled!

Great news.



fullyilly commented on Alien: Isolation Stalks PS4, PS3 Later This Year:

I think we need to realise that this game evidently isn't a shooter of any description (at least I cant see how it could be a shooter with only one enemy throughout an entire game...unless the crew have a sudden onset of zombiefication...please god no) and is likely to be more of a Myst style game, a point and click horror/adventure.

Not saying that this a bad idea, just not my cup of tea personally.



fullyilly commented on Alien: Isolation Stalks PS4, PS3 Later This Year:

I want an Aliens game that is truly superb like nothing else. But this bit...

'stalked by a lone Xenomorph as you search a remote trading station named the Sevastopol in search of a flight recorder '

...feels more like a single mission than a game.

Fingers crossed though. Fingers crossed.



fullyilly commented on Gran Turismo 6 Lets You Race in Your Very Own ...:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaand the award for the worlds dullest trailer goes to...Gran Turismo 6. Step up and take your award.

Surely a feature as incredible as this could have been presented with just a tad more excitement than this? Come on Sony, your marketeers need to work for their money.



fullyilly commented on Current Sales of Assassin's Creed IV and Battl...:

Yeah, I'd personally not even consider buying any more current gen games with next gen around the corner. Picking up a PS4 and XBONE with one game each is costing a staggering £850 so I'd definetly have no interest in spending £45 on a new current gen game. Plus, money aside, I'd want the flashier next gen version anyway.



fullyilly commented on Review: Sacred Citadel (PlayStation Network):

Nice in-depth review Jamie! Looks like it'll be worth a buy! Not personally keen on the overly deep levelling etc, but I'm as old school as they come, I simply want 3 buttons, punch, jump and special attack



fullyilly commented on You Can Pre-Order a PlayStation 4 Right Now If...:

Cant wait to get my mitts on one! Importing maybe the solution If its a new year release date. The importers are going to love it! £850 for a nice freshly imported Japanese model anyone?

I'll never pre-order or buy anything from GAME again after they swindled me with both my 3DS and Wii U pre-orders. They actively sting people for pre-ordering with deals that they beat on launch day, its appalling. Its the pre-order folks that need looking after the most as they are the die hard gamers that bring them the most business. In fact, if I could find out which shop was their arch nemesis, I'd probably pre-order 2 there just to make a point.

I'll not miss GAME if they go out of business, their mentality and approach is terrible. They are one of the main reasons why independent games shops disappeared from the high street and its high time karma intervened and paved way for the indie shops to re-take the space again.

I'd even be happy to pay 10-20% more for a game just to be able to buy it from a local bricks and mortar games shop rather than line the greedy pockets of a dying franchise like GAME.

Oooops, I'm ranting, sorry.



fullyilly commented on Activision: PlayStation Vita Faces Challenges ...:

The game prices are the big issue. For example, £40 for Assassins Creed, or £43 for the full PS3 version...there is no comparison as to which the consumer will choose. The system needs quality exclusives and possibly new IP's with a damn strong marketing budget. Realistically though, the Vita is dying fast and dev's don't want to risk financial failure at this turbulent mid-gen point, so nobody's going to make a big gamble on a quality Vita title.

I love this little console, but I know it's days are numbered.



fullyilly commented on SEGA and Arkedo Reveal Hell Yeah!:

YES YES YES, the games industry keeps pumping out these awesome looking 2D games, this is soooooo good to see. Shank 2, Rayman Origins and now this. My prayers are being answered, thank you gaming gods.



fullyilly commented on Review: MotorStorm RC (PlayStation Network - V...:

Bought this on release day, not bad, but visually it feels pretty weak. Reckless Racing on the iPad (iPad 1, not 2 in this case) looks notably more impressive and also plays quite a lot better too. Sony will need to up their game if it hopes to pull people away from the iPad/iPhone. I know Motorstorm is a budget game, and feels it, but when a .69p AppStore game can outdo it in most areas, that aint great. The Vita is a powerhouse (just look at Wipeout) and needs to ensure that all of its releases can at least visually topple any iPad/iPhone game.

Just my pennies worth.



fullyilly commented on Talking Point: Do We Need PlayStation 4 Yet?:

Let's put this into perspective. When have we ever 'needed' next gen? Answer...never. Now let's change the question. Do we 'want' next next gen? Answer...HELL YES! There is NOTHING more tantalising and exciting than months and months of early games footage from a new console and glimpses of the new hardware itself...once we all get that put in front of us, then we will all want the next gen. Once 'in game' looks as rich as 'pre-rendered' then we'll really be in for a treat! Bring it on!



fullyilly commented on Rayman Origins Actually Made Ubisoft Some Money:

It's great to see 2D games getting this kind of focus and financial success. I'd give anything to see a new fad of 2D games hit the industry. Rayman Origins is a masterpiece and a game that I've not only bought on my PS3 but also preordered on my Vita. Pleeeeeeease let other developers follow this lead...2D games can still make good money!



fullyilly commented on PlayStation Vita's US Ad Campaign Goes for the...:

I really hope Sony smash it with the Vita. It's a killer piece of kit and has so much promise. This is the first time I've been truly excited for a hardware launch since the PSP. Everything since then has felt so hum drum...oh, wait, everything since then has been a happy, lovey, family console under the name of Nintendo. Yeah that explains it.



fullyilly commented on Sony Provides Official Vita First Edition Unbo...:

I think the draw of unboxing vids is partly down to seeing a fellow geek get as excited as you would over something you haven't yet got your hands Sony setting up some video of a glossy women opening a box just feels corporate and, well, dull.