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PlayStation's Bid for Greatness Campaign Tarnished by Cheaters

Posted by Sammy Barker

Hackers abuse system

This is why we can’t have nice things. Sony’s clever Bid for Greatness campaign was accompanied by an appropriately positive response earlier this week. The endeavour – which transforms your earned Trophies into a digital currency – augments you with the ability to compete for various props and items from the platform holder’s recent Greatness Awaits commercial. Unfortunately, it has already been tainted by cheaters.

The first auction for a Killzone: Shadow Fall outfit ended overnight, and was claimed by Redsoxfan95, who stumped up 1,050 Gold Trophies for the garment. That all sounds fine on paper – until you look at the user’s PlayStation Network profile, and learn that he earned an inhumane 8,290 Trophies in January alone. In fact, shows that the account logged over 7,500 Trophies in a single day. That’s not the handiwork of an honest hunter.

While it’s very much an underground scene, Trophy hacking is possible using a variety of illegitimate techniques. There are entire forums dedicated to sharing strategies, edited save files, and more. However, while it’s fairly simple to spot offenders on tracking sites such as PSN Profiles, the platform holder hasn’t really taken a particularly strong stance against Trophy cheating up until this point.

It’s going to be forced to now, though, as a select few threaten to blemish its latest promotional project. Community manager Morgan Haro Tweeted overnight that he will “look into [the issue] with the teams and we will examine”. Perhaps it’s time that the platform holder pulled out its ban hammer, and started wiping out some illicit accounts.


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MadchesterManc said:

Id like to beleive the saying that 'cheaters never prosper' but we all know that just isnt true



Batman said:

It sucked enough that it wasn't made available to anyone outside of the States, but when you consider I have 54 platinum trophies, and just over 240 gold, it was very obvious there were some super-humans throwing their hats in.



ZeD said:

I have racked up over 5000 trophies and only 200 are gold so where did her get that many from?!

He play Terminator over and over lol



naruball said:

Such audacity! Shouldn't there be laws against this? Especially when the prize costs so much money.



rjejr said:

People cheat to get imaginary trophies?

I do understand a hackers curiosity where you might want to try and crack a system just to prove you can do something you aren't supposed to do - boys will be boys and all that - but to actually hack to get you trophy count up? That's just way odd.

Though I do suppose some people respond to those Ron Jeremy fruit ads on TPB so who knows? And worse than than, people watch Honey Bo Bo.



Strofan7 said:

I'm obsessed with completing my games, but the closest I've come to boosting trophies is when I lost all my saves and was only 1 or two trophies away from a platinum. Just didn't seem fair to have to redo all the work to get back to where I was...

BUT - I still didn't. And 1000+ gold trophies is just BS. Bad people.



ViciousDS said:

I CALLED IT!!!!!!!

I have a jailbroken PS3 and It's so easy to abuse trophy's, I knew this was going to happen...

my account only has like 976 trophies only 15 are gold......841 thanks gamefly



Owlynator said:

Uh, not sure what to say. This doesn't affect me at all, since I don't live in North America and have... cough gold trophies, but that Greatness Awaits trailer was so awesome that I really want these props to find a good home. They should be deserved, not stolen.



charlesnarles said:

Yeah dude... what the hell? Is nothing sacred to these people? You get a console (particularly a Playstation) to negate the PC cheaters who love to ruin. No console = they have to come up with the stuuupidest ways to disrupt the order of things. And GG, nub. You cheated in the loser raffle for nerds (no offense, bidders. he's obviously not one of us scrupulous and honor-bound gentlemen)



Ginkgo said:

It still amazes me that people would cheat at something like this. Until this auction existed what did you gain? A position on a leaderboard? Man, I've got better things to do, like actually playing a game.



Cowboysfan-22 said:

It doesn't surprise me. Cheating is rampant in stuff like Call of Duty online and everyone that does it thinks its ok. Of course there are gonna be a few more idiots that take it to the next level. People don't feel like taking the time to earn stuff anymore



Sutorcen said:

Sony should look more into cheaters as this promotion isn't the only thing they ruin. Play TLoU multiplayer or any multiplayer and you will understand.



FullbringIchigo said:

just goes to show no matter where you go or what you do someone will always try to spoil the fun

and i hope they don't give that guy the killzone outfit and put it back up for auction

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