Bid for Greatness

Those that dismiss the Trophy metagame often question its worth in the real world. After all, what’s the point in spending several hours scooping up feathers in Assassin’s Creed II when your efforts are rewarded with little more than a tiny PNG image and a sense of satisfaction? Well, Sony hopes to answer that question with its Bid for Greatness promotion, a new marketing initiative that will augment you with the opportunity to own a piece of PlayStation history.

Starting today, the company will be selling off several props and costumes from its recent Greatness Awaits advertising campaign on eBay-esque auction site However, instead of paying with real cash, you’ll be using your Gold Trophies. The site will tally up your total number of trinkets, and will allow you to use them to compete for several key items based on The Last of Us, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and more.

“Of course, you’ll want to think strategically,” explained social media manager Sid Shuman. “Spend all of your Gold Trophies in one shot to try and score your dream item, or split your proceeds and go for several? The choice is yours. And the best part is, if you’re short on Gold Trophies, you can earn some on your PlayStation 3 and Vita, and then come back to bid again.”

There’s a full schedule available on the PlayStation Blog. The promotion’s set to run until 30th July, with a new auction due to launch every day. Sadly, you’ll need to be based in North America to participate. Still, this is an awesome idea – and hopefully a sign that Sony is looking to integrate Trophies in more meaningful ways moving forwards.