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E3 2013: Sony Warns That the War Against Xbox One Is Far from Over

Posted by Sammy Barker

PS4 is in a good position, but there's plenty of work ahead

Sony may have exited E3 2013 with a broader smile than Microsoft, but a smart Fergal Gara has warned that the console war is far from over yet. The executive – who’s responsible for SCEUK – explained in an interview with MCV that there’s still a long way to go before the PlayStation 4 can be considered a dominant platform, despite the system's strong start.

“Winning is determined by a much longer timescale,” he told the site. “We were very pleased with how our messages went down at E3. We aim to be the best for gamers, and this was a key step in that direction. E3 is important for early momentum and generating pre-orders. But it's only one step along. We feel that we had a good day, but there is a lot more hard work to do, and we are focused on that.”

PS4 pre-orders appear to be tracking ahead of Microsoft’s machine at the moment, but we suspect that it’s still pretty close. Gara added that Sony will need to keep working hard – especially if it wants to come out on top in competitive regions such as the UK. “My UK and Ireland team is under the most competitive pressure in Europe, so if we want to be more successful, we have to earn it,” he said. “We have to be more driven and focused.”

These are wise words as far as we’re concerned. The worst thing that Sony can do is rest on its laurels in the wake of last week’s showing. It’s worked incredibly hard to engineer an advantage for the PS4, and now it needs to ensure that it continues to follow the same path through until launch – and beyond.


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FullbringIchigo said:

well to me they have won because they are still thinking of the consumer unlike MS

i have even just placed my pre-order for the PS4 but i won't be touching the XBONED with a ten foot barge pole and neither are any of my friends

unless MS backtrack on their stupid decisions the PS4 will win this gen hands down



Weskerb said:

That's for sure. I still think the majority of hardcore Xbox 360 gamers will plump for the Xbox One because of their commitment to Microsoft. There are so many more reasons to become attached to a single brand then there were before, like friends lists, gamer scores and online membership. I have a lot of British friends and I can tell that Microsoft will continue to own their mindshare on gaming. When they can't play the latest Fifa or COD on 360, they'll get Xbox Ones. Sony are still suffering from the botched launch of the PS3. There's a whole generation of gamers in the UK that think Playstation is an inferior product.



FullbringIchigo said:

@Wesker yeah sounds like someone i work with his words were "PS3 was rubbish and so is the PS4, i don't care about all the stuff Microsoft are doing i'm still getting a xbox one"

and that's his decision but he doesn't have to be so much of a a** about it



get2sammyb said:

@FullbringIchigo I'm just curious how many people like that — assuming Microsoft doesn't change — are going to be severely frustrated when they realise that they can't buy used games off eBay for example. Or when their connection goes out.

There are a lot of people who are going to pick up an Xbox One are launch day that are still in for a shock I feel. This negative reaction right now is largely restricted to the hardcore gamers. There's going to be an even worse backlash when the console's out.

(I still think that Microsoft's going to change things before launch.)



FullbringIchigo said:

@get2sammyb what i think is the hardcore know about these things so apart from the die hard fans most will get a PS4 as for the others who don't really follow gaming like my dad for example he said when i asked him which he would buy he said "whatever ones the cheapest" and i think a lot of people will be like that £80 is a lot nowadays (it also means you can get a PS4 and a game and it's still cheaper than a XB1)



InsertNameHere said:

@get2sammyb From what I'veheard, Microsoft built the Xbox One on these policies. So backtracking would cost them to lose a lot of ground to Sony, because they would practically be going back to the drawing board.



artemisthemp said:

He is right.
Remember 360 had 1 year without a competitor and 360 should by that have won, but Sony manage to win this Generation by having better exclusive than 360.

Sony need to bring quality exclusive to PS4, so Xbone stay looking bad



ViciousDS said:

The only reason pre-orders are as close as they because people are pre-ordering like 4 X1's at the same time they pre-order PS4's in order to hit the Ebay market high.....which i hope backfires on them and they can't get rid of them.

No matter how much i try to convince my buddy to shun away from Xbox I can't because hes an achievement whore, he will play utterly terrible games because its "easy achievements"......seriously. When I ask him why hes sticking with microsoft next generation he cannot give me a clear excuse and nobody I ask that question to can. I swear they are all mindless zombies that just buy anything with the microsoft label on it. I went through 4 Xbox 360's in a term of 6 years. Due to Network card metling, DVD drive failing, Fans killing out and of course RRoD. I have 2 PS3's. One is built for backing up my older games....aka its jailbroken, and then I have my PS3 that I use everyday. I have never had to buy a new playstation due to hardware failure.



rjejr said:

@get2sammyb - "There are a lot of people who are going to pick up an Xbox One are launch day that are still in for a shock I feel."

True, anybody who doesn't have broadband will be very disappointed

Being a NYer I'm surrounded by a different breed of folk than most, at times I think there's an iPod ownership law that somebody forgot to tell me, and there are people who will buy the X1 w/ pride who look down on poor people who trade in and buy used games. Well they already look down on these people, this will just add more helium to their egos.

Also MS is much more about making money than games, and I think they are willing to lose some of their poorer and rural customers in the hopes that they make up the money w/ advertising and selling more digital content.

MS is selling an always on tv connection to people who can afford $500, I can't help but think a slew of advertisements is on the way and MS will do a very good job of marketing to their captive audience.



FullbringIchigo said:

@rjejr what i think is that when making the XB1 MS only looked at the big american city's to see if it would work instead of looking everywhere, if they had done that they would see that in a lot of places the XB1 simply wont work

also the fact they are not releasing in any asian territory untill next year and this can hurt them as asia is a big market



MorriganIsHot said:

You think Xbots cares about their rights and freedom? Anything that says Xbox and its from M$ are gonna buy it no matter what.



Gamer83 said:

North America is the market that's going to be almost impossible to take back. Sony dominated here once but now people love their Xbox.



JavierYHL said:

i think microsoft knows they are in a postion whereby no matter what policies they put on xbox one their fans would buy it...they build the fan base from xbox they want something back from them with the xbox one...



ViciousDS said:

I hate the idiots who buy into everything with out research in my country the USA. So glad I taught my little brother well..... He's 12 and hates the Xbox despite owning the original and the 360 he hasn't used in 2 years Lol. He's so hooked on infamous and the last of us right now...... Dude keeps bugging me Lol.



BlueProxy said:

Very true. MS has an army of sly, savvy, (some say sneaky) business men. They are masters of deception and persuasion. I don't believe for a second that they haven't already planned their next move to counter. Sony just needs to stick to their promise about used games, deliver great titles in all verities, and stay competitive price-wise.



Sanquine said:

I thought freedom was so important to Americans? With this device MS is going the same way as apple:) Thats why i use the galaxy S4. I ride in a german car ( BMW) ^^ If there was a german console on the market i would buy it ( They have superior stuff)



ViciousDS said:

@DeHorror1975 yes.....but hes engrossed into his whole points be honest to me a platinum trophy is hell of a lot more rewarding than saying you got 1000/1000 points, besides that platinum trophy doesn't go away, however on xbox that score can increase and than you are not done with the game. I used to love watching people max out a score in a game only for them to add DLC and make the game incomplete for them again lol.



Nik-Davies said:

It's far from over because the end is long gone. Sony has beaten Microsoft in the next-gen game. Even my Microsoft fanatic fan-boy friend thinks so.

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