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Heavy Rain Cost €16.7 Million to Make, Made More Than €100 Million

Posted by Sammy Barker

Decent investment

Let’s be honest, if Heavy Rain popped up on a video game special of Dragons' Den, director David Cage would be laughed out of the abandoned warehouse. In truth, something similar probably happened when developer Quantic Dream was pitching the project to various publishers – but eventually Sony took a gamble on the release. And according to figures shared by the French studio today, that paid off big time for the publisher.

Speaking to a Digital Dragons audience in Poland, company vice president Guillaume de Fondaumière revealed that the game cost just €16.7 million to make. Once the platform holder was done marketing it, the title’s budget sat somewhere around €40 million – but the game still went on to earn the company in excess of €100 million. “It [was] very profitable,” the executive illustrated. Not bad for a vanity project, huh?

De Fondaumière used the figures to explain that unique games don't necessarily need to be risky. "We should stop thinking that innovation rhymes with unprofitable,” he said, pointing to thatgamecompany’s Journey as another distinctive experience that ended up making money – even if the developer did have to go bankrupt in the process. "Creating new experiences is also a way to expand the market,” the executive continued, noting that Heavy Rain appealed to wives and girlfriends in addition to traditional gamers.

The French developer added that different types of titles can help to alter the perception of gaming, too. He explained that Quantic Dream met with Leonardo DiCaprio in 2004 because he was interested in working on a game, but the star turned down the project due to an image issue. Fast-forward a few years, however, and the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls is flaunting Hollywood names such as Ellen Page and Willem Dafoe. The industry has changed beyond recognition.

Despite this progress, though, de Fondaumière really wants games to be appreciated as a cultural form of expression, and he believes that changes need to be made in order for that to occur. "We need, as an industry, to be more creative, and probably stop creating the same games over again," he said. "Maybe create new IPs. We need publishers of course to take the risk to create new IPs. But we also need the audience to [vote with their wallets].”

He concluded: "Today we are seeing a crisis – we are seeing a market that is in decline. There is a certain creative crisis that is, in part, the reason why some gamers are playing less. We can only resolve that by offering new creations, new IP, [and] also wooing a new audience to games.”

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get2sammyb said:

What an incredible story! They get a lot of stick, but I absolutely adore Quantic Dream's games.



InsertNameHere said:

Let's hope that other developers follow QD's lead. It would really give people more faith in the future of gaming if there were always new and innovative IP's.



KAPADO said:

I would so hop on more heavy rain like games. The religious nut's apartment was one of my favorite parts . I didn't shoot him.



ComicBookGuy said:

I really hate David Cage haters. Yes he's a bit weird when he speaks and says the word "emotionzzz" way too much, but dammit his games are awesome and very emotional.
First time I played HR I loved it. When my son was born I decided to replay it as he was growing up, and this time it was UNBEARABLE! I could barely finish it as I could literally place myself in each one of the scenarios. He truly evoked the feelings that I have for my son and somehow transposed them onto Ethan, then conveyed them back to me as the player/father. Truly great game maker, and I hope he stays with Sony and becomes first party so that he can keep focusing on more ambitious games rather than being forced down the dude-bro gaming alley and eventually closed down for being too "risky".
I'm happy he made lots of money and hope that proves a lot of us who are older than 14 actually do want a more engaging experience than "go here, shoot that brown person, slide here, cover, shoot, slow-mo cut scene, go there".

Also, I really hope Leo Di Caprio will rethink now that major hollywood players are involved in games (although let's see if Ellen Page ever works in movies again first lol) as he's an awesome actor and I would love to see him in a game.



Ginkgo said:

I have said it before on this site, but I bought my PS3 largely to play Heavy Rain, which was advertised on TV here in Aus, and I wan't disappointed. Admittedly Assassins Creed 2 was also an influence on my purchase.

I am sooo hyped for Beyond : Two Souls. I have purposely stopped trying to learn anything more about it. I already know too much. I wan't to discover it in game.



Splat said:

I loved Heavy Rain. I had some friends recommend it to me when I first got my PS3 but they didn't tell me anything about it just that I had to get it.

The fact that I had no idea what I was getting in to made the experience so amazing.



brendon987 said:

I had really hope that other game developer would make games like heavy rain. Not just David Cage. As it was very entertaining and different. It should have create a how new gaming gene.

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