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Heavy Rain (PS3 / PlayStation 3)

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Heavy Rain is a dark, immersive and emotionally-engaging experience; one that expands upon the innovative ideas of 2005's acclaimed Fahrenheit to create a noir-thriller where decisions are charged with importance and actions can have drastic and unforeseen consequences.

In Heavy Rain you don't watch the story – you play it. The dynamic narrative unfolds through the player's actions - not cut scenes - and every action has a consequence. The choices you make and the way you interact with other characters have repercussions throughout the storyline. With unprecedented responsibility over the fates of the game's characters, Heavy Rain is an emotional experience unlike any other as a mature game for a new world of adult gamers.

From the team behind the critically-acclaimed Fahrenheit comes an even darker and more adult thriller, set to test the boundaries of video game storytelling. The story revolves around the hunt for a serial killer called The Origami Killer by four very different people: a FBI profiler, a private detective, an architect and a journalist.

Catch The Origami Killer before you become a victim
The combat sequences are as intense as any action game
Like Fahrenheit and 24 this often uses split screen views
The characters in Heavy Rain are the most realistic yet

If one of them dies the fact is simply incorporated into the story and you carry on playing with the remaining characters until either the killer is caught or the game ends in failure.

Although the story and characters are paramount the game still features plenty of action, playing out via quick time event sequences similar to Fahrenheit - where you have to press the buttons indicated on screen within a time limit. The game aims to be the most cinematic and emotional video game ever made - could this be the start of the game noir genre?

Key Features

  • Heavy plotting: A dark, adult-themed thriller with believable characters and a captivating plot full of love, violence and sacrifice.
  • Virtual luvvies: Breakthrough facial animation features the most realistic virtual actors ever seen, each capable of mimicking real and varied emotions.
  • Consequences: If a character dies they stay dead - no extra lives or continues, just an organic plotline with multiple different endings.
  • Quick Time: Intense action sequences that anyone can play, with simple controls and fast-paced against-the-clock challenges.
  • Conscious action: Unique control system lets you see what your character is thinking as they explore the world - and then act on it with a press of a button.

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Posted by James Newton


Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain arrived in early 2010 in a downpour of critical acclaim, its storytelling, graphical quality and sheer audacity a breath of fresh air. Now a free patch has added support for Sony's Move controller (with a disc release landing...

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Heavy Rain Composer Sadly Passes Away at 56

Leaves behind an incredible legacy

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James said:

I really like this game using the pad. I hope it's at least as good, if not better, with Move.



Zach said:

I love Heavy Rain, I love it, love it, love it, love it. I LOVE IT.



BL_Donth said:

If you've played Heavy Rain, then you should know what I'm talking about



zezhyrule said:

I was so the first to call this during E3 on NL chat.

But it does seem that if the move controls are anything like the current, then this wil be more Wii remote waggling than precision. I'm not sure though...



Zach said:

@donth8 If you've ever played it, you would know that I was just helping! To continue...




BL_Donth said:

@zkaplan oh lol sorry about that dude. I thought you were asking where "JASON!" came from.

...Have you seen a little girl? Short, black hair.

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