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Sony's Latest PlayStation Vita Promotion Pays in Spades

Posted by Sammy Barker

Flex your marketing muscle

Sony’s latest PlayStation Vita promotion is prompting a bit of a backlash in certain corners of the web. The initiative – which launched in North America earlier today – encourages you to “convince your friends to buy” one of the consoles in return for $20 PlayStation Network credit and 1,000 Sony Rewards points. The promotion’s valid up to ten referrals, allowing you to earn a pretty hefty chunk of change. Furthermore, if you manage to refer the most people, you could win up to $10,000 in rewards points.

The negativity online appears to stem from the wording of the promotion, which does come across as a touch desperate. Still, if you fancy scoring some easy money, you can learn a little more through here. You won't forget us when you're sitting on a pile of cash, will you?


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turtlelink said:

I see this article posted 0 seconds so my reward for that AND being is first is $20 on PSN? Awesome!



3Above said:

Gamers will whine about anything these days. Even about getting $20 for reffering a great handheld gaming machine that you were proabaly praising online anyway.



get2sammyb said:

@3Above I agree. It could have been worded better, but the same people that are moaning/laughing about this are the same people that have spent the past six months saying, "LOL NO MARKETING! SENT TO DIE!"



Placlu said:

I saw the picture before i read the article... I thought you guys put that in as a joke.. oh sony..



Batman said:

The sad thing is you really would have to do some serious convincing for someone to buy a vita that doesn't already have one.



Epic said:

To tell the thruth is a pretty smar move from Sony.
If they can't make convice gamers to buy a Vita let the gamers convice them.



Jamouse said:

Will they give us some credit for trying to convince people not to buy it?



moomoo said:

I appreciate that Sony in the west is trying to make the best kind of marketing impact they can despite a limited budget, but that came off as incredibly desperate.

Also, it's pretty hard to convince people to buy the system. I can barely convince myself to buy the system. It's expensive, and most of my friends that would be interested already own PSPs (since the games that might be able to convince my less niche friends are not good, what with COD Declassified being poor, and Assassin's Cree 3: Liberation just being good. The Vita's best games are niche with Gravity Rush and Persona 4 Golden), so the only things to really convince them are the Vita library and some of the services. I just don't see many games on the horizon for the system, especially when it comes to the west.



davitpr said:

Oh Sony, this is the best you could think of to promote the Vita? It's pathetic. If Sony had an actually good marketing team they wouldn't be in the mess they are and the Vita would be selling so much better.



charlesnarles said:

What the hell is wrong with Vitas? It's sad that they're taking such an apologetic stance. YOU convince my friends, Sony. I'll give YOU $20. All my psn friends are from 'near' cause I literally don't know anyone else with a PS3, let alone a Vita. I just don't get the lack of demand for them :' (



Zombie_Barioth said:

I don't have a problem with it but good luck with this hare brained scheme, I mean they're only asking people to convince those around them to plunk down $250 for a handheld. No biggie, am I right?

The Vita is a nice little gadget but I think the price is just more than what most people think a handheld is worth. At that price their already competing with tablets and after the cost of memory they're sitting right between a budget model tablet and an ipad. As far as portable time wasters go most would probably pick a tablet.



rjejr said:

I have 2 problems with this ad.
First, is the choice of the word "convince". You usually only have to "convince" someone of something when they really don't want to do it. Companies use referral programs all the time but this one is worded poorly and it does come across as really desperate. They should have just gone with the standard "if". "If" your friend mentions you when they sign up for a new Vita account then you'll get $20.

Second, Sony left out the other half of the referral program - what do the people who buy the Vita get? The ad should read - "if" your friend mentions you when buying a Vita you and he will each get $20." The way they are doing it is all stick and no carrot for the purchaser, which is the important part.

Who came up with this? Fire them now.



hYdeks said:

convince your friends to buy a vita? really? well, put down the price of the memory cards, get more third party support and you wouldn't need to "convince" anyone into getting it, they would JUST WANT IT!

I agree with anyone that saids this is stupid, people are bad enough calling the system ill-faded and crap like that, this doesn't exactly help it's cause.



Ps4all said:

Lol, i got this from Sony in an email.Too bad i already talked five of my friends into buying a vita prior to this going into effect.



NathanUC said:

Aw there goes $60 and 3,000 points for me. Wish this was announced before Black Friday lol.

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