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Rumour: You'll Be Able to Link PS4 Controllers with Your PSN Account

Posted by Sammy Barker

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Sony’s upcoming next generation console will include the option to link your PlayStation Network account to a controller, allowing you to earn Trophies when playing on a system that’s not your own. That's according to Kotaku, who claim to have obtained the official documentation for an Orbis development kit.

The site continues that accounts won’t be “locked” to a specific controller, but you’ll be prompted to sign in each time a new input device is connected to the console. “One application we learned about for this feature would be that, were four players in a co-op battle able to defeat a boss, then all four would receive Trophies,” the publication explained.

Details about the controller itself are still shrouded in secrecy, but Sony is apparently working on a new handset, even though the current development kits work with existing DualShock 3, SIXAXIS, and PlayStation Move units. That indicates that the new device – which is tentatively dubbed the ‘Orbis Development Tool’ – will share much of its functionality with existing hardware. However, Kotaku claims that the refreshed peripheral will boast a two-point capacitive touch pad, similar to the one on the rear of the PlayStation Vita. It adds that the entire pad will be "clickable", creating an extra input.

The report also mentions the inclusion of a share button, but it’s unclear what that's used for. “The most likely use would be to allow users to share some aspect of their gaming experience to Twitter or Facebook,” the publication hypothesised.

As for specifications, well, development kits are notoriously more powerful than retail consoles, but the report mentions an 8x Core CPU and 8GB RAM. Many of the details tally with a recent Digital Foundry report, though the final system’s likely to only have 4GB RAM, albeit the speedy DDR5 type.

You can peruse the full article through here. As always with rumours of this kind, it’s worth taking things with a large pinch of salt. Still, it’s nice to speculate, isn’t it?


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rjejr said:

1 of the few things I found useful with the Wii was loading 10 Mii characters onto the Wiimote and bringing them to a freind or relatives house. Also, bringing over a save point on an SD card so my kids could pick up playing where they left off at home.

I kind of see this as similar, your personal info stored inside your PS4 controller. Makes sense and makes life easier. It's a lightbulb aha thing.

And I do like the touchpad idea. I think every smartphone and tablet should have one.



ComicBookGuy said:

@rjejr I don't think the data will physically be stored inside the controller but rather the unique id of the controller will allowed access to all the things stored in your PSN cloud if you will. This would keep costs down as well, making this affordable for Sony to manufacture.
I am loving this concept and hope it's true.



3Above said:

Earning trophies at a friends house on a game i probably dont own yet? YES PLEASE!!



SuperKMx said:

I really don't see the need for a touchpad. The current controller layout is more than powerful enough to control any game you could think of, and I think the usefulness of the Vita's touchpad is overblown to say the least. And god only knows I absolutely HATE using the touchpad on my laptop.

Why not just provide a mouse and have done with it, Sony?



get2sammyb said:

@KenB Yeah, I agree that the touch pad seems unnecessary, too.

@rjejr From what I can tell, the controller won't store your PSN details, moreover when you connect a new controller to a console, you'll be able to login to your PSN account and associate your account with that controller. That way, you'll be able to earn Trophies, etc, even if you're not using your own machine. I believe the Xbox 360 already includes this feature.



charlesnarles said:

I'm surprised y'all don't like a clickable touchpad being developed. If Vita slims have clickable R2/L2 buttons it would solve every annoying thing I've experienced with the current models. I still like the idea of pinching stuff in games by touching both front and back pads and stuff like that. I'm ready for additional input methods, similar to sixaxis and pressure triggers being added to the DS2 design without removing any buttons. And I don't care about social media at all, please don't force me to look at an ugly twitter button!!!!



ShogunRok said:

I like the sounds of this. Small features like this are something Sony needs to get right with the PS4. The PS3 was very bare-bones when it first launched, and Sony have really built upon it as an entertainment system. They just need to keep adding... while hopefully taking nothing away.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@charlesnarles Ever tried playing anything outside simulations or strategy games with a multitouch trackpad? It sucks, not only does it make aiming and firing awkward and your hands get in the way of each other, but tapping to click (which I'm assuming the "clickable" pad does) makes it too easy to slip up.

I have to sheath my bow in Oblivion just to make sure I don't accidentally attack someone, thats how sensitive they are.



irken004 said:

The touchpad might be need, but storing a profile or ID onto the controller seems a bit unnecessary to me personally.



Tuturoopa said:

This whole ps4 setup seems uneccasary, I hated the touch screen button thing on my old blackberry, they should just make the ps4 controller the one patent where it splits in half and has the move orbs on it at this rate



charlesnarles said:

@Zombie_Barioth I just took it as meaning both a touch pad like the Vita, only you can click it too, I guess like how newer apple laptops' mouses don't have visible left/right click. It seemed to me that a touchpad where the sticker/info is on the back of ds3s wouldn't be as easy to accidentally touch with my giant hands, which happens to me constantly with MGS2/3.. lol don't even get me started on trying to use the back for L2/R2/L3/R3 on any game. I like the idea of dragging a finger to the correct spot (maybe with a ghost cursor?) and THEN being able to click on stuff. Like scrolling menu bars, etc and also games. I say do it! L4/R4!



Zombie_Barioth said:

@charlesnarles I forgot about those, might be interesting if its just a pair of buttons on the underside near your fingers. I don't know if they could get in the way if they use a flat shape like the Vita but maybe if they're in just the right spot to be in finger tip range they won't.

Its weird but while I like touch pads for aiming and menu navigation I hate them for everything else. They did say the entire touch pad would be "clickable" though so who knows, they might not even stick with it.



MaxiM_PL said:

This sounds really nice and innovative. Hope they will bring more of those little things that make us tick ;]



Alpha said:

@rjejr the way you mention it that way it seems a lot better than how i read the article, when i read it, it makes me feel like you always have to be connected to the internet. thats a problem when i dont have highspeed internet.

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