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Wed 23rd Jan 2013

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MaxiM_PL commented on Muramasa Rebirth Slicing North American PlaySt...:

Yeah, I bet some people will be repeating that "vita haz no gaemz" mantra even at the end of 2013, Sammy. But you can't blame lemmings for repeating everything US gaming media is feeding them. It's American journos who repeat that same thing over, and over and over. Just because all they see are titles like Uncharted, Black Ops and Assasins Creed, while conveniently ignoring everything else ;]



MaxiM_PL commented on Terraria Digs onto PlayStation Network with Ne...:

My Vita wants this. Otherwise not for me, sicne I already own it on PC.

@Paranoimia: this has nothing to do with age. I'm 31 and I love "pixelated, low-resolution games" ;] Although in all honesty, on PC this game runs in 1080 or any other resolution you want, natively. Meaning no upscaled pixels, just more FOV ;]



MaxiM_PL commented on Capcom Revives Resident Evil: Revelations for ...:

Kinda weird they decided to go the PS3 route instead of Vita. WOuld cost a lot less to port portable to a portable too. But as it always is with Capcom, I bet they have an agreement with Nintendo not to release this game on a portable system to avoid direct competition.