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Firmware Update v2.00 Adds Emails to the PlayStation Vita

Posted by Sammy Barker

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The PlayStation Vita’s upcoming v2.00 firmware update will not only add PlayStation Plus to the portable platform, but also a new email application as well. You’ll be able to hook up any accounts to the handheld assuming you have the appropriate information available – but there will be quick select options for Gmail and Yahoo.

The application will allow you to store up to five email accounts on a single device, as well as 5,000 contacts. Incoming emails will be added to the Vita’s notification window, allowing you to gain easy access to all of your most recent messages.

Other software updates will include improvements to the web browser, 1080p video playback, and the ability to share content wirelessly between the Vita and a PC.

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meischoice said:

This is very great! I can't wait for the update along with the PS Plus Instant Game Collection! Guess who is going to renew their subscription for 1 year? And Email!



belmont said:

I always wanted an e-mail application for the Vita to check emails on the go. Now if they add greek letters (my native language) on the keyboard I could also replay to an e-mail or simply twitte...



ohhaime said:

I wonder If they will add Wireless transfer between Vita and PS3. In the video there was a weird cut in the audio in between him saying Wirelessly and PC. Almost like he originally said"PS3 and PC" but they had to cut out the PS3.



AVahne said:

Hmm, makes the Vita closer and closer in ability to an Android device. Well then, it's only a 5 inch screen, barely bigger than my phone and with lower screen quality than my phone, but I think I'll get this instead of a tablet for now (tablets tend to have lower screen quality than my phone anyway, except for maybe the new ones). Memory is a massive problem with Vita, but hey, portable Phantasy Star Online 2 and whatnot.



SanderEvers said:

I hope to see some real remote play on the Vita by now. Or they'll STILL BE LATER THAN THE WIIU!



SanderEvers said:

That makes a total of one game. Yeah. And it's even not perfectly integrated with the PS3 OS. I'd like to start the remote play feature on my Vita and that then automatically my PS3 powers on and when I launch a game it will automatically be synced between console and handheld.

And I mean any game. Not just one game. The WiiU does this. What the PS3->Vita does is like playing Legend of zelda The Wind Waker on my GameCube and connect my GBA to my Cube for tingle's map / minigames.

Also, I bought a PS3, Little Big Planet 2, a Vita. And to make them work together I'd have to buy a DLC pack as well? (and of course, pay my internet bill) This makes it even worse than the GC->GBA connectivity which also worked right out of the box (for games that supported it)
I payed 300 euro for a PS3, 250 for a Vita, 60 for the game. Which is like 610 euro in total. I'd be able to buy TWO WiiU's which will work better for the same price. And then people complain that the WiiU is too expensive. Yeah, right.

But really, I LOVE my Vita. But it should've been a lot better. Sony should ask Nintendo how to make really awesome games and how to support their systems.



goldgin said:

If even one person within the modern consumer community didn't own a smartphone, this would be news



rjejr said:

I don't own a smartphone (though I do own a Tab 2 7") so this must be news

Seriously though, email is a good thing to have access to and this helps w/ the Vita marketing by being able to say it has email. And not everybody owns a smartphone. A cell phone, yes, but not a $80 month data bill smartphone.



Kayoss said:

Have you tried taking the wiipad to another location away from your home while the wiiU is still AT your house??? After you try to do that and synch or connect your wiipad to your wiiU from home, come back and talk to us. You can buy two Wii's but you be sitting at home playing them. I will pay a little more to get to play game on the go. Connecting to the ps3 is just icing on the cake for me.

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