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Thu 13th Sep 2012

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meischoice commented on Almost Every Playable Character in Dragon Ball...:

My favorite DBZ game was Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 (Not the Tenkaichi series).
I never really like the idea 3D open world fighting because I'm so used to traditional 2D fighting style(like Street Fighter).
But, if I see The Legendary Super Saiyan Broly, I'll most likely get this game. Broly is my favorite DBZ character.
Also, I hope that they put a lot of English voice work in this game like they did for Budokai 3. Voice work is very very important in DBZ (for me at least)



meischoice commented on Square Enix Promises Final Fantasy X HD Answer...:

I didn't know that Final Fantasy X will be released on the PS3? I thought it was only for the PSVita. Anyway, I'm excited to get this game for the PS Vita! I still haven't beaten Nemesis! Nor have I ever unlocked him!



meischoice commented on Hardware Review: Sony Pulse Wireless Headset:

In the picture here, the box doesn't mention anything about an "elite edition" which is what I bought. Anyway, when I first bought it on sale at a Gamestop, I was super excited to try it out at home! I used it on my PS3, and connected it to my PC! Wireless music is very convenient! Unfortunately, after two weeks, my battery in the headset died on me. I was charging it using a mini-B usb cable connected to my computer. When I got, back the headset wouldn't turn on.
LUCKILY! I still had my receipt from Gamestop and they gave me a refund instead of an exchange because they didn't have any more in stock. But that didn't stop me! I went to another gamestop and bought a NEW Elite Edition Stereo headset. I have it with me now and I never took of the plastic that surrounds the headset. I just kinda... leave it there. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!!!!