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Thu 13th September, 2012

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meischoice commented on Hardware Review: Sony Pulse Wireless Headset:

In the picture here, the box doesn't mention anything about an "elite edition" which is what I bought. Anyway, when I first bought it on sale at a Gamestop, I was super excited to try it out at home! I used it on my PS3, and connected it to my PC! Wireless music is very convenient! Unfortunately, after two weeks, my battery in the headset died on me. I was charging it using a mini-B usb cable connected to my computer. When I got, back the headset wouldn't turn on.
LUCKILY! I still had my receipt from Gamestop and they gave me a refund instead of an exchange because they didn't have any more in stock. But that didn't stop me! I went to another gamestop and bought a NEW Elite Edition Stereo headset. I have it with me now and I never took of the plastic that surrounds the headset. I just kinda... leave it there. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS!!!!