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Marvel's Avengers is the latest game from developer Crystal Dynamics, who previously produced the rebooted Tomb Raider franchise alongside Square Enix. That includes Tomb Raider and Rise of the Tomb Raider. The game tells an original story within the Marvel universe, taking inspiration from comic books of the past. It also does not use actor likenesses from the movies.

In this Marvel's Avengers game guide, we're going to share our beginner's tips and tricks to help you reassemble the Avengers team and put a stop to the worrying deeds of A.I.M. We're also going to reveal the best character builds for all playable superheroes, including Kamala Khan, Hulk, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain America.

This page will also reveal how to locate every resource and material, detailing how to get Upgrade Modules, Catalysts, Polychoron, and much more. Furthermore, you will also find all free character unlocks as part of each superhero's Hero Challenge Card within this guide.

Marvel's Avengers Game Guide: Best Character Builds

Marvel's Avengers features three different skill trees for every single one of its six playable superheroes at launch, meaning that your line-up of characters could play differently from someone else's based on the abilities you have unlocked and selected. You can view your equipped skills by pressing the touchpad whilst you're in-game and cycling through to the Skills tab.

  • Primary skills unlock new moves for use in combat, as well as attacks that can be combined with dodging, sprinting, and jumps. With a level cap of 50, you will be able to unlock every single one of these abilities as you level up in the game.
  • Specialty skills affect your Support, Assault, and Ultimate abilities by improving them with buffs upon activation or special perks that boost their use. Specializations are where you will start to tune your character to your specific needs by selecting a certain ability out of a list of three.
  • Mastery skills are based entirely around Specializations, meaning you will only be able to equip a single ability from each skill tree at any one time. These focus on modifying your combat abilities, the damage you deal at range, increasing your efficiency, and boosting your intrinsic ability.

The character builds in Marvel's Avengers can be taken in so many different ways, focusing on maximising the impact of certain abilities or playing a certain role in the makeup of a four-person team. Below, you will find all the best Marvel's Avengers game character builds in the order that you unlock each superhero in the game.

Kamala Khan: Best Character Builds

In this character build guide for Kamala Khan, you will find our suggestions for getting the most out of the flexible fighter. We've got builds that turn her into a Tank as well as a loadout designed to maximise damage.

Hulk: Best Character Builds

In this character build guide for Hulk, you will find our suggestions for getting the most out of Bruce Banner's transformation. We've got a build that lets him serve his greatest purpose — becoming a Tank.

Iron Man: Best Character Builds

In this character build guide for Iron Man, you will find our suggestions for getting the most out of Tony Stark's suit of armour. We've got builds that allow him to become a real menace at long range as well as a loadout designed around fighting up close and personal.

Black Widow: Best Character Builds

In this character build guide for Black Widow, you will find our suggestions for getting the most out of Natasha Romanoff. We've got a build designed to fully take advantage of her Veil of Shadows ability, ensuring you stay cloaked for as long as possible.

Thor: Best Character Builds

In this character build guide for Thor, you will find our suggestions for getting the most out of the God of Thunder. We've got a build designed around the iconic Mjolnir, with abilities that put as much lightning on the battlefield as possible.

Captain America: Best Character Builds

In this character build guide for Captain America, you will find our suggestions for getting the most out of Steve Rogers. We've got a build designed around his iconic shield to ensure you're using it as much as possible.

Marvels Avengers Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Best Character Builds Guide 2

Marvel's Avengers Game Guide: Resources, Unlocks Levelling, Loot, and FAQs

In the next part of our Marvel's Avengers game guide, we shall be covering how to get every resource and material, free unlocks, how to reach Power Level 150, loot, and how to get free Credits.


  • Marvel's Avengers Game: How to Reach Power Level 150


We're currently working on the Loot section to our Marvel's Avengers game guide. Please bookmark this page and check back regularly for future updates.

Resources, Materials, and Currencies

Free Character Unlocks



Marvels Avengers Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Best Character Builds Guide 3

Marvel's Avengers Game Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Marvel's Avengers isn't a particularly difficult game, especially during its single player story campaign, but there are still some universal tips and tricks that you should probably know about before playing. Read through all of these carefully to make sure you're prepared for A.I.M. and everything it has to throw at you.

Dismantle All Your Unwanted Gear

Since Marvel's Avengers is all about loot and gear at its heart, you're going to need a lot of resources in order to upgrade them when the time is right. However, during the campaign is not the correct time for that. You will be levelling up at such a speedy pace that the item you equipped 30 minutes ago can be bettered by any other piece of gear you find in a chest. It's not worth investing any of your materials into these pieces of gear, so equip them for now and toss them out when you find something better.

And when that happens, make sure to dismantle the piece you don't need. You will gain valuable resources from it that can be used in the end game when you actually do need to upgrade equipment. Stockpile now and you'll be ahead of the game when it's needed.

Give Every Character a Fair Chance

You're going to be forced to play as every superhero in Marvel's Avengers during the campaign at some point or another, so make sure to take that opportunity and think of ways this could be your main. Kamala Khan and Black Widow might seem like they play similarly to each other, but there are important differences that might suit your playstyle more. Since there can only be one version of each superhero in your party, you may have to switch things up. It's a great idea to have a backup character you love playing as just as much.

Complete the Hero Challenge Cards

Much like most Games as a Service, Marvel's Avengers has a paid currency, microtransactions, and a marketplace. However, you won't actually have to spend a penny if you complete each character's Hero Challenge Card. These act as Battle Passes, with one available for each superhero at launch. Completing daily and weekly challenges will increase your rank, with some tiers rewarding Credits. This is the paid currency.

If you complete an entire Hero Challenge Card, you will have earnt yourself 1,500 Credits. Do this for the other five and you will eventually end up with 9,000 Credits. These can then be used to buy any outfits you like from the marketplace or saved for future Hero Challenge Cards.

Be on the Lookout for Secret Puzzles

Every so often, you may come across a bunker outside or a room inside an A.I.M. complex that you can't automatically open. If you know there's a chest on the other side, this is a puzzle you have to solve. Generally, these consist of stepping on buttons in the correct sequence or destroying activation points hidden behind operating fans. If you come across one, scan the environment for clues and anything that flashes bright yellow.

And that brings us to the end of our Marvel's Avengers game guide. We hope this has helped you in some way or brought your attention to something you didn't know about the latest title from Crystal Dynamics before. If you have any more helpful hints and tips to share, make sure to post them in the comments below.