Marvel's Avengers Game: Best Hulk Character Builds Guide 1

What are the best Hulk character builds in Marvel's Avengers? What are the best Specialty and Mastery skills for Hulk? The green monster, also known as Bruce Banner, is the second superhero you will unlock in the story campaign after he meets up with Kamala Khan. Given his size, it's fairly obvious that Hulk can be both a Tank and deal lots of damage. His list of moves and abilities allow for a character that can be taken in a couple of different ways. As part of our Marvel's Avengers game guide, we're going to reveal the best Hulk character builds.

Best Hulk Character Builds: Tank Life

You knew it was coming, and so let's satisfy those expectations. Hulk is going to attract a lot of attention simply because of his size, and it would be a bit of a missed opportunity not to put that to good use. If you select the right Specialty and Mastery skills, you can indeed turn the superhero into the star attraction. From the perspective of A.I.M., that is.

Key Support Heroic Skills:

  • Boneshaker Regeneration - You're going to have to deal with a lot of firepower as a Tank, so defeat five enemies while Boneshaker is active and you'll restore all of your health.
  • Savage Regeneration - Since you're going to be aggroing a lot of enemies, defeating them using Boneshaker will now spawn Regen Packs for health regeneration.

Key Assault Heroic Skills:

  • Irradiated Destruction - On the final Stranglehold slam, a huge pool of Gamma particles will damage enemies caught in its vicinity.
  • Barbaric Charge - Using Strangehold will taunt nearby enemies even more and overcharges the Intrinsix Rage ability instantly.

Key Ultimate Heroic Skills:

  • Ground Zero - Thunderclap sucks in nearby enemies and launches them in the air, dealing damage. Once they land, enemies find themselves in a Gamma particle pool that inflicts more damage.
  • Thunderclap Taunt - Enemies who survive the Thunderclap attack will become taunted.

Key Melee Skills:

  • Combatant Shield - Hold R2 while holding a grabbed enemy to make them absorb incoming damage instead of you.
  • Hard Swings - Held enemies receive 20% more damage.
  • Willpower Recovery - Recover 35 points of health after performing a takedown.

Key Ranged Skills:

  • Wrecking Ball - Large debris does not break when thrown, instead it collides with every enemy it hits and deals damage. Miley Cyrus would be proud.
  • Meteor Damage - Large debris deals 15% more damage when thrown at enemies.
  • Hand Cannon - When using small debris as a melee weapon, light and heavy attacks deal 33.3% more damage.

Key Intrinsic Skills:

  • Raging Defense - Take 15% less damage while Rage is active.
  • Enhanced Damage - Deal 15% more damage while Rage is active.
  • Controlled Rage - Rage costs 15% less Intrinsic energy to activate.

Key Intrinsic Overcharge Skills:

  • Chance Boost - The chance to land a critical attack is increased by 15% while Overcharged.
  • Damage Boost - How could you possibly say no to this one? All damage is increased by 20% whilst Overcharged.
  • Temper - Stay Overcharged for longer as the Intrinsic meter drains at a slower rate.

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