Marvel's Avengers Game: Does It Have Multiplayer? Guide 1

Does Marvel's Avengers have multiplayer? Can you play Marvel's Avengers with friends? You might be wondering if Marvel's Avengers is a purely single player experience or something you can play online with your friends, so we're on hand to answer that question for you. In this Marvel's Avengers game guide, we're going to reveal if the game has multiplayer or not.

Marvel's Avengers Game: Does It Have Multiplayer?

Yes, Marvel's Avengers does have multiplayer, but the feature is somewhat limited during the campaign. There are only very specific missions where you will be able to team up with a friend online, which you will be telegraphed to you by the option to invite another player from the War Table menu screen before loading into a level. If nobody joins your game, AI companions will take up those places to ensure you aren't completely on your own.

Once you've finished the campaign and entered the post-story Avengers Initiative feature though, you'll be able to freely team up with friends online as you please. Here, you can take on specific levels and complete War Zone missions to further improve your line-up of superheroes and equip them with even better gear.

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