Marvel's Avengers Game: Best Thor Character Builds Guide 1

What are the best Thor character builds in Marvel's Avengers? What are the best Specialty and Mastery skills for Thor? The god of thunder is the penultimate superhero you will gain access to in Marvel's Avengers, meaning you won't play as quite as much as you might like to in the campaign at least. There's still the Avenger's Initiative mode, however. Equipped with the trusty Mjolnir, Thor comes with lots of exciting abilities. His list of moves and abilities also allows for a character that can be taken in a couple of different ways. In this Marvel's Avengers game guide, we're going to reveal the best Thor character builds.

Best Thor Character Builds: Mjolnir Mania

Thor, the god of thunder, comes equipped with one of the most powerful weapons in the known universe. The hammer known as Mjolnir can put down any and every enemy, so we're going to use it as the basis for our latest character build -- aptly named Mjolnir Mania.

Key Support Heroic Skills:

  • Hel's Discrection - Not only do you gain a buff alongside lightning attacks, nearby teammates who have been downed are revived.
  • Yggdrasill's Favor - Nearby teammates receive an intermittent intrinsic energy boost of 20% while Warrior's Fury is active.

Key Assault Heroic Skills:

  • Thunderstorm - Gain three charges of the God Blast ability.
  • Overcharge Blast - Deal 20% more damage when activating God Blast whilst Overcharged.

Key Ultimate Heroic Skills:

  • Alfheim's Favor - Not only are you dealing a significant amount of damage to enemies caught in the blast, nearby teammates will also be healed.
  • Asgard's Light - Automatically regenerate 50% of your health when returning from the Bifrost.

Key Melee Skills:

  • Ranged Damage - You're going to be throwing Mjolnir around a lot, so a 15% boost to damage from ranged attacks is most welcome.
  • Combo Damage - Combo finishes deal an extra 25% damage.
  • Willpower Recovery - Get an extra 15% of health back after performing a takedown.

Key Ranged Skills:

  • Impact Explosion - Instead of pinning enemies, you'll now spawn a series of lightning explosions.
  • Guard Breaker - Ranged attacks with Mjolnir break through enemy blocks.
  • Flying Shots - Shoot out bolts of lightning while you fly.

Key Intrinsic Skills:

  • Ionic Bolts - Defeating enemies while Odinforce is active strikes nearby enemies with lightning bolts.
  • Maximum Force - Odinforce can now use up 15% extra Intrinsic energy.
  • Surging Force - Odinforce regenerates 12% faster.

Key Intrinsic Overcharge Skills:

  • Lightning Field - Whilst Overcharged, surrounding enemies will be struck by lightning.
  • Charged Resistance - Damage resistance is increased by 50% when Odinforce is Overcharged.
  • Damage Force - When Odinforce is Overcharged, it deals an extra 15% damage.

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