Marvel's Avengers Game: Best Captain America Character Builds Guide 1

What are the best Captain America character builds in Marvel's Avengers? What are the best Specialty and Mastery skills for Captain America? Steve Rogers, best known as Captain America, is the final superhero you will unlock for play in the single player campaign, and there's a good reason for that. Everyone thought he was dead! But he's not, of course, and so you get to spend a few hours as the shield-wielding hero. In this Marvel's Avengers game guide, we're going to reveal the best Captain America character builds.

Best Captain America Character Builds: Metal Detector

Captain America's defining feature is his iconic shield, and with the Metal Detector character build, we're going to invest as many skills as possible into making sure we're using as much as we possibly can. If you select the right Specialty and Mastery skills, it isn't too hard to do so either.

Key Support Heroic Skills:

  • Field Commander - Rally Cry lasts five seconds longer.
  • Special Tactics - Enemies defeated after being marked by Rally Cry have a 50% chance to drop an Intrinsic Orb, boosting your way to using abilities.

Key Assault Heroic Skills:

  • Tide Breaker - After using Steamroller, you can kick Cap's shield back at enemies for extra damage.
  • Everyday Hero - Spawn an Intrinsic Orb for every two enemies Steamroller kills, boosting your energy meter.

Key Ultimate Heroic Skills:

  • Critical Acclaim - While Brooklyn Brawler is active, light combo finishers deal guaranteed critical attack damage.
  • Adrenaline Rush - Takedowns make Brooklyn Brawler last three seconds longer.

Key Combat Skills:

  • Combo Finisher Mastery - Light and heavy combo finishers deal 25% more damage.
  • Combo Finisher Critical Mastery - Light and heavy combo finishers deal 15% more critical attack damage.
  • Takedown Recovery - You recover 15 more health points by performing a takedown.

Key Ranged Attack Skills:

  • Combo Finisher Kick Back - After the ranged combo finisher, press R2 again to perform another attack.
  • Power Throw Damage Mastery - Each target hit by a ranged power attack boosts damage by 15%.
  • Precision Intrinsic Dynamo - Landing a headshot has a 25% chance to spawn an Intrinsic Orb.

Key Efficiency Skills:

  • Takedown Energy Burst - A takedown recovers 40% energy for the Shield Block ability.
  • Energy Boost II - Shield Block energy is increased by 15%.
  • Energy Boost III - Shield Block energy is increased by another 15%.

Key Intrinsic Skills:

  • Defense Attack Efficiency I - Intrinsic attacks cost 15% less to use.
  • Defense Attack Efficiency II - Intrinsic attacks cost another 15% less to use.
  • Captain's Intimidation - Taunt caused by Commander's Call lasts five seconds longer.

Which of the best Captain America character builds did you choose to go with in Marvel's Avengers? Take a look at our Marvel's Avengers game guide for more help.