Marvel's Avengers Game: Does It Have Single Player? Guide 1

Can you play Marvel's Avengers in single player? Does Marvel's Avengers have a single player campaign? Both Crystal Dynamics and Square Enix have marketed their latest title as a Game as a Service that revolves around multiplayer and playing with your friends. That's perfect for the online crowd, but does the experience have a single player campaign?

In this Marvel's Avengers game guide, we will reveal whether or not you can play the game in single player.

Marvel's Avengers Game: Does It Have Single Player?

Yes, Marvel's Avengers does have a fully fleshed out, narrative-focused campaign that you can play entirely on your own. There are missions where you can choose to team up with other players, but you can simply turn matchmaking off and head into the level with AI companions instead. In total, this all makes for a fairly lengthy single player story (See Also: Marvel's Avengers Game: How Long Does It Take to Beat?).

Once you have completed the campaign, you can select the Avengers Initiative option on the main menu screen. This is the multiplayer side of the experience where you must team up with online friends and players to improve your superheroes with upgrades and new gear. Again, you can choose to play with AI companions instead, but you're probably not going to do very well without real-life players to help you out.

Marvel's Avengers Game: Do You Have to Be Online to Play?

If you are playing the Marvel's Avengers single player campaign, you do not need to be connected to the internet in order to play. You also will not be booted out of the game if your online connection drops. However, if you want to team up with friends in multiplayer, you will need a constant internet connection to remain online.

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