Marvels Avengers Game: Best Black Widow Character Builds Guide 1

What are the best Black Widow character builds in Marvel's Avengers? What are the best Specialty and Mastery skills for Black Widow? Natasha Romanoff, best known as Black Widow, rejoins the superhero taskforce over halfway through the story campaign, so you won't have too much time to get know her movset and abilities before you're flung into the action. However, her cloaking skill is one that will come in handy. In this Marvel's Avengers game guide, we're going to reveal the best Black Widow character builds.

Best Black Widow Character Builds: Silent Assassin

Black Widow is another superhero who can really zip about the battlefield at speed thanks to her trusty grappling gun, but she can also turn invisible to outsmart the enemy. She also has an invisibility cloak, and with the right Specialty and Mastery skills, you can make this build a very real threat.

Key Support Heroic Skills:

  • Night Terror - Veil of Shadows lasts three seconds longer and the chance of a critical attack is increased by 25%.
  • Vision Obscuram - Nearby teammates can also be cloaked upon the activation of Veil of Shadows, and this skill will boost the time they spend invisible by five seconds.

Key Assault Heroic Skills:

  • Superstatic Dart - The electric field generated by Widow's Bite is increased by 35%.
  • Lethal Bite - Hold a second charge of Widow's Bite.

Key Ultimate Heroic Skills:

  • Power Staff - Activating Overcharge while using the Power Surge ability will increase damage from staff attacks by 35%.
  • Power Grid - Power Surge lasts four seconds more.

Key Intrinsic Skills:

  • Overcharged Damage - Damage dealt while Overcharged is increased by 5%.
  • Intrinsic Charge - All attacks increase the charge rate of the Shadow Ops meter by 15%.
  • Willpower Overcharge - Recover one point of health while dealing damage when Overcharged.

Key Ranged Skills:

  • Cluster Grenade - Throw three grenades at the same time and inflict more damage on a wider scale.
  • Voltaic Grenades - Adds shock damage to grenades.
  • Extended Magazines - Increase the magazine of your pistol.

Key Invisibility Skills:

  • Invisible Stun - Whilst cloaked, stun damage is increased by 15%.
  • Extended Invisibility - Veil of Shadows lasts two seconds longer.
  • Critical Melee - You are 20% more likely to land a critical attack while cloaked.

Key Utility Skills:

  • Willpower Takedown Mastery - Performing a takedown will spawn a Regen Pack, allowing you to heal.
  • Critical Headshots - Headshots deal 20% more damage when they're critical hits.
  • Melee Charge - Light and heavy attacks boost the heroic meters by an extra 5%, drawing you closer to Veil of Shadows.

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