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Tetsuya Nomura, the legendary Square Enix producer, is about to start work on Final Fantasy VII Remake – despite the game being announced and even demoed three years ago. The infamous industry veteran admitted during a closed event as attended by Famitsu and translated by Gematsu that he’s been focused on Kingdom Hearts III, but is almost done with that title now.

“I’m thinking about ideas regarding the remake’s release – I even spoke to producer [Yoshinori] Kitase about it today,” he said. “All of us old-timers are considering various developments in regards to what accompanies the remake. Like if we can manage to do something about the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII titles, too. But for the time being, please wait for VII‘s turn to come.”

To give some context, Nomura was effectively asked about the possibility of Japan-only mobile title Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII making a comeback. We think he’s right to turn attention back to the main game, because this is getting a bit ridiculous now. Square Enix showed gameplay of the remake at a PlayStation Experience press conference in 2015, only to dump developer CyberConnect 2 and bring production back in-house – then inevitably make zero progress on it.