sega huge announcement.jpg

SEGA Europe's official Twitter account has teased that a "huge announcement" is happening at the company's SEGA FES event in Tokyo tomorrow (that's the early hours of the morning for us here in Europe). Included is a picture of the show's logo, which features Sonic the Hedgehog, but there's no way of knowing whether the announcement will relate to the SEGA mascot.

If it is about Sonic, then let's hope it's news that they're killing him off once and for all. Maybe we'll get a video of Kazuma Kiryu kicking him to bits. Do we dare to dream?

Okay, calm down, we're just joking. Obviously. This announcement could be about anything, but we doubt it'll be Japan-centric since this is being teased on Western social media accounts. There'll be plenty of people wishing for a Shunmue HD collection, but we'll just have to wait and see.

What would you like to see from SEGA? Be disappointed when a new Sonic Boom game is inexplicably announced in the comments section below.