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Not in Shambhala anymore.

Male, 24, United States

Graham is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades. His interests are quite varied, meaning he can feel at home in almost any genre. While he's most comfortable with smaller indie games with interesting art styles such as The Unfinished Swan, it's by no means all he enjoys.

Wed 13th Nov 2013

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gbanas92 commented on Minecraft: Story Mode Crafts Next Episode:

@Cron_13 Yes! Same price Telltale usually goes with. $4.99 for just episode 6 or $14.99 if you wanted to buy all 3 new ones up front!

@rjejr Ohhhh that makes sense for skipping this year at least. Ah well. Hopefully not too much longer than April! And oh yeah, you definitely have plenty of time to catch up then haha.



gbanas92 commented on Minecraft: Story Mode Crafts Next Episode:

@rjejr This year is only the Christmas special?!?!?!? That's the first I've heard of that, and now I'm kind of sad. I agree though, Doctor Who Telltale style could be really cool! Especially given that the number of possible stories in that universe are pretty much limitless!

And if nothing else, it sounds like the Youtubers that were selected are at least a good fit? This game has definitely closer to a kid friendly side, so it sounds like that's going to continue.



gbanas92 commented on June's PlayStation Plus Games Will Be Revealed...:

Hopefully Gone Home is true, because I held off from buying it specifically because of this. I bought it day 1 on PC and I wanna play it again, but I figured it being a plus game was practically a guarantee at some point. Hopefully that time has come!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4):

@get2sammyb Boo! That sounds kinda good and bad. Uncharted 2's soundtrack for instance is incredible and stands out even on it own, but while 1 and 3 had good scores, they feel far less memorable. So even if it's on par with that, I guess I'm okay with it!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (PS4):

@get2sammyb Also, how was the soundtrack? I tend to pay lots of attention to that, and I have heard Nate's Theme 4.0, and I wasn't too crazy about it. This series has always had really good music, so I'm hoping it can deliver.



gbanas92 commented on Hands On: Outrunning a Giant in Fated: The Sil...:

@BranJ0 Exactly! That's how I'd been viewing VR for the most part as well. Everything just felt like "well, here's a cool thing that lasts for like 6 minutes", but after playing Fated and talking with some of the devs, I'm pretty glad there's a game that's actually putting narrative at the forefront.



gbanas92 commented on Hands On: Thumper Provides a Reason to Jump in...:

@get2sammyb Yeah it's a damn long time!

@xMEADx Pricing, I'm not sure unfortunately. VR game pricing can be hard to gauge this early on. It's pretty much look at Steam and assume the PSVR version will cost the same. And Thumper doesn't have a price there yet either. $15 or $20 would be my first though but I don't know.



gbanas92 commented on Hands On: Outlast 2 Scares Up Playable Demo at...:

@get2sammyb I loved it so much!
@Wazeddie22 based on what I got to play, there were no weapons. That's not to say there won't be at some point, but it's not something I'd count on for better or worse haha.
@Kyroki I feel that way too! I liked Whistleblower as much, if not more than the base game! Which says a lot because I loved the base game too. Yeah! That corn maze chase was mental in the moment. The tension was palpable!



gbanas92 commented on Harmonix Shares Its Plans for the Future of Ro...:

@Azikira It's still a really good time, but yeah at launch when you compare it to past entries in the series, it was practically an "Early Access" release. But it's slowly but surely working its way towards what everyone wants it to be.

@ztpayne7 Yeah exactly! Without the backing of someone with funds like EA and MTV had, a full-on Rock Band game is a pretty monumental undertaking when you think about it. And wow some of the exports still aren't out? I have RB4 for X1 because I had tons of DLC on 360, and in North America, just about everything has been available for a while now!



gbanas92 commented on Here's Jason! New Details on Friday the 13th f...:

@BAMozzy That was there too! I didn't get any time with it, but I got to watch a little bit of the action!

@k_andersen Based on the snippets they've been showing off, it's definitely on its way there! It's still pre-alpha, but also as a fan of the franchise I've really been liking what I've seen so far!

@Poestyle @Wazeddie22 Yeah their involvement is great! They touched on that at the panel too. They showed a couple reels of mo-cap work with Kane and talked about discussing how to make the kills work with Tom. The panel was really cool, and the devs love and care for the franchise was apparent through the whole thing. It was really great!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Attractio (PS4):

@DualWielding It's not so much that this lost points while others don't. 8-bit and 16-bit graphics and the like, are more often than not (especially these days) an artistic style. And it works in many cases. Whereas while those games use the different graphical types for the point of stylized art directions, this game just doesn't have very good visuals. If it were that the game had a distinct style in mind that used older graphics techniques, then it absolutely would not have been a point deduction. Unfortunately that wasn't the case here. Hopefully that helped!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Minecraft: Story Mode – Episode 4: A...:

@Splat @vegeta11 Agreed with you both! This is a game that I was pretty disinterested in initially, but as it got closer to release I figured I might as well. But I came in concerned that it would feel phoned-in or like a cash-grab. And well, after 4 episodes, I haven't really been impressed. Episode 3 was pretty okay though! Not that that's much of a ringing endorsement haha.



gbanas92 commented on Feature: The Best PlayStation Soundtracks of 2015:

@wittypixel Nope that wasn't a requirement! Pretty much ,I just wanted to avoid games that had previously released on a Sony platform. Life is Strange and Hotline Miami 2 are on here for their Licensed music! Plus, if it helps, when the list was whittled down to the top 20, Rocket League was 11th. If that's any sort of consolation haha.



gbanas92 commented on Here's to an Amazing 2016 on Push Square:

As incredible as it is to think about, I've been writing for Push Square for just a tiny bit over two years now, and there hasn't been a single second I haven't had a blast with. It's such a great place to write for. Thanks to each and every one of you that reads my content, and the site's content! Here's hoping for many more articles in the future!



gbanas92 commented on Feature: The Best PlayStation Soundtracks of 2015:

I'm seeing lots of love for Divinity and Destiny! Like we had said, boy was there a lot that we had to leave off this list! Keep showing your love for those missing games in the comments everyone! Always awesome to hear other people's opinions!



gbanas92 commented on Game of the Year: Graham's Personal PlayStatio...:

@sub12 @LieutenantFatman SOMA's great! I didn't find it terribly scary, but man was it cool!

@Quintumply @Churchy I didn't find myself disappointed. Although I was late to the party with the first one. I didn't play it until like two years after it's release because my friend kept pestering me about it. And then I loved it. But I wasn't disappointed by the 2nd. I came away from it feeling like it had a greater depth to it. The gameplay at times practically felt like turn based strategy, almost like Transistor! Whereas the first one, I could get lucky and blindly stumble too. I came away loving both just for different reasons!



gbanas92 commented on Soapbox: Why Everybody's Gone to the Rapture I...:

Awesomeee read Sammy! I loved the game, and while I don't have the familiarity of the environments to have as a connection to the experience, there were still plenty of things about it that I came away from suitably unsettled as well!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Primal Carnage: Extinction (PS4):

@get2sammyb It was financial issues on the dev's part if I remember correctly, and Genesis (the story-driven version of this game) got put on indefinite hiatus, while they instead ported the PC MP game to next-gen. I'm pretty sure that was what happened.



gbanas92 commented on Review: Among the Sleep (PS4):

@Flaming_Kaiser It's by no means the worst game ever haha. There are aspects of it that are really excellent, but I don't know that I'd recommend it at it's current price point. It does have a slight discount through PS+ right now but I think I'd still wait even further. It would be worth it eventually though!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Among the Sleep (PS4):

@glassmusic @Gmork___ That's how I felt back before it released on PC, and then I played it on PC, and well, it's the same as the PS4 one really There are some seriously awesome ideas nestled in this game, but there's a heck of a lot of mediocrity around it!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Life Is Strange: Episode 5 - Polarized...:

@Gmork___ @get2sammyb
Based on the comments each review would get, you were definitely not the only one who like the early episodes. If anything, I felt like I was in the minority for not caring for them haha. And I stand by that. The teen drama stuff was grating on me. Especially considering that, with the bits of the early episodes that we see in the finale, I found the writing by the end of the season to be soooooooo much better. But that's just me! But the time hoppy stuff (while there was too much of it in the finale) and the more sci-fi elements also play a lot closer to my interests, so that could be why as well.



gbanas92 commented on Review: NHL 16 (PS4):

@godslayer1975 The fact that it feels closer doesn't actually mean it feels the same. That's not really possible in the long run. It just feels closer. And the fact that I have and do play hockey as well as several other sports kind of goes against your point. Just because someone plays sports games doesn't mean they're not allowed to also play the sports themselves. And the feelings of authenticity don't stem from pressing buttons on a couch. It stems from the movements and motions you witness on-screen.Or the atmosphere of the rinks the devs are able to create for the player to experience. Which they happen to have done a bang up job with.



gbanas92 commented on Review: SOMA (PS4):

@SteveButler2210 Or maybe they were counting the loading times! Haha.

But yeah, outside of loading, i found performance to be solid. The frame rate never really dropped, texture pop wasn't really present. So yeah, it was technically sound, just with really long loading times!



gbanas92 commented on Review: SOMA (PS4):

@SteveButler2210 I took about 8 hours with the game, but that was with my trying to explore every last nook and cranny the game had to offer. As far as replayability, I wouldn't say it's terribly high. The price certainly comes off as steep, but the game is still really good too!



gbanas92 commented on Review: SOMA (PS4):

@WARDIE I came away more scared by Outlast. Buuuuuut SOMA had a far superior narrative. Both games were awesome for different reasons, but they were indeed both awesome!

That's happened to me a couple times, but with smaller games. Like 2 or 3 GB's here and there. All I did was go restore my licenses and it was fine. Buuutt I'm definitely not guaranteeing it'll work. But it's certainly worth trying!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Until Dawn (PS4):

Awesone review Sammy! This sounds like it's going to turn out exactly the way I had hoped it would! I've been pretty excited for this for some time, so I'm pretty happy it's not a let-down!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Tales from the Borderlands: Episode 4 ...:

@DualWielding Not something I even encountered. I'm sure it could be possible. That kind of stuff has happened on some poor ports from time to time. I think The Force Unleashed 2 might have had that problem? But I didn't run into it here at all.

@ztpayne7 Oh don't worry, it's not just you! This episode was awesome! I liked the opening episode a little bit more, but it's not like this episode wasn't great!

@GamingPenguin I'd completely forgotten about that scene!!!!! Good catch!

@Bad-MuthaAdebisi It'a great at taking the quirkiness of the Borderlands, but it leave a lot of the grindy gameplay behind. It's a great story that doesn't really need you to have played the other games all the way through. Having played will help, but it's not really mandatory. 2 does offer a lot more as far as memorable characters though. Handsome Jack is worth the price of entry alone.



gbanas92 commented on Feature: The Best PS4 Games of the Year So Far:

The Witcher so far this year, no contest!

There are only 3 games I see as even having a chance of hitting that same plateau; The Phantom Pain, Fallout 4, and SOMA. Other than that, I think we've already seen the years best releases!



gbanas92 commented on Review: Game of Thrones: Episode 5 - A Nest of...:

@get2sammyb Nah. At least for now, I think this was just a temporary hiccup. Once they start further expanding into juggling more than two releases at any one time though is where I'm going to start getting a little nervous. One would hope that at least sometime soon, we'll see them incorporate back some gameplay. And by the gods, a new engine please. Their current engine felt out of date a few years ago now.