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themcnoisy commented on The Town of Light Promises a PS4 Experience Un...:

Depending on the way this pans out it could be interesting, but knowing its likely to be predominantly the darker side of the human psyche which is explored I will give it a miss.

One thing I will say, the games based on depression or mental health should always come with a health warning and telephone numbers, similar to whats shown at the start and end of tv programmes containing potentially harmful material if watched by the wrong people.



themcnoisy commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Multiplayer Offers Sing...:

Yes just what we've all been asking for nice one EA!

Hopefully they can put in an ultimate team style squad builder too, we all want that. And a proper music list from c list popstars from last year to accompany us through space. Come on EA because we've all been asking for that!



themcnoisy commented on PS4 and Nintendo Switch Need to Find a Balance...:

This is huge weight behind the switch, I've held off buying more of their games this gen due to the commitment levels you usually need, but La Pucelle or D5 are both perfect to play on screen then carry it on in the bathroom / bed / sunbed etc.

I'm unsure how many Disgaea fans are out there but the switch is actually a dream come true particularly for that series. I refuse to get into Disgaea these days as I know it will suck me in and I dont have the time, where as with switch you can carry the thing around and carry on levelling!



themcnoisy commented on PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn's Strategy Gu...:

@Neolit Its a collectable, but what's great with official guides is having the info available from the get go. Using something like game faqs or trophy hunter sites is hit and miss, especially in the first week of a games release. You can use the book to fill in on additional background info too!



themcnoisy commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@gingerfrog If your up for a bit of TF2, we are getting a group together in the forums. Hopefully playing after 9:30pm on Tuesday UK time.

I finished Day of the tentacle last night, probably the worst plat I've ever achieved. I started with a guide, put it down then had to follow a guide about an hour after that because I was stuck, I feel like a massive cheat plus I rushed the end

Tonight I will have an hour on Ratchet and Clank and that's it gaming wise. Great looking game, worth the paltry £13 in the sale easily.



themcnoisy commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Move Horizon: Zero ...:

@JaxonH . I play games with 4K but it never once made me suddenly stop enjoying games that aren't in 4K.

Its not that other games suddenly become unplayable or anything. Its the artifacts cause by the compressed images, its virtually none existent in both R+C and Infamous. That then sucks you into the world. The difference between a pro and wii feels like 5 generations let alone 1.



themcnoisy commented on Talking Point: Should Sony Move Horizon: Zero ...:

@JaxonH I'm a disgaea and bomberman fan - I've got to admit I would happily play D5 on the go. That is a huge plus for sure!

@nhSnork Would Splatoon conspicuously benefit from 4K? Was Tales of Graces unplayable without HD? Do Mario Kart vehicles need to reflect the sunlight like Gran Turismo cars? I thought as much.

Yes, Would be better in HD, No - but lets not forget MK was a trend setter with using tech to its advantage ala Mode 7.

I've only just purchased a ps4 pro with infamous second son and ratchet and clank. Its universally accepted these games are not as strong as Mario or Zelda, but downgrading to 1080p after playing in those worlds at 1800p with bombastic graphics? Absolutely no chance. Millions if others will feel the same way. Switch isn't powerful enough in my eyes unfortunately, its too much of a retrograde.



themcnoisy commented on PS4 Exclusives Lead DICE Awards 2017 Nominations:

@wiiware But that's part of the point, you play the game and come to your own conclusion on what it all means. Its why the likes of Attack on Titans early episodes work so well, the original lost series etc. Inside is like that, it leaves you questioning what's going on and out of all the games I've played last year its one that will stay with me the longest. What it makes me wonder is why was Sonic setting birds free from robotniks metal canisters? That's actually criminal damage. I cant go into chester zoo and rip the cages open - that's what inside does, you start questioning stuff.

@get2sammyb wow 😲 awesome theory. Makes sense too.



themcnoisy commented on PS4 Firmware Update 4.5 Coming Soon:

@gmxs Its horrible, I had Wolfenstein, Witcher 3, NBA 2k16, Bloodborne, wee 2k17 and Uncharted 4 at one point decimating my hdd space. (about 350gb between them) and had only enough space for another few games. 1tb is a must at this point, especially if you like to have a load of games on the go at once.

External HDD please Sony.



themcnoisy commented on Rumour: Sucker Punch's Next Game Is a Brand Ne...:


Go and buy a 4k TV right now! Honestly my TV breaking forcing me to go 4k has transformed both Infamous SS and Titanfall 2. Going over 1080p into 1440p and 1800p the games just look amazing. I wont go into the technicalities because I dont know the terms and am really bad at explaining it. They aren't native 4k but they just look amazing! Those super powers look like they are bouncing off the screen. Read the forum post at comment 1 and I stand by that. The game looks Sick!



themcnoisy commented on Over 1 Billion Rocket League Matches Have Been...:

Best game this generation so far. You find the odd person who may not like this game but they are usually outnumbered 50-1. Its fun, playable and rewarding.

The match making, possibly owing to the hundreds of thousands online daily is the best I've ever used. My win ratio is exactly 50%. Its found my perfect skill level.



themcnoisy commented on Feature: Our Most Anticipated PS4 Games of 2017:

@hego read this article and tell me your only buying 6 games! Haha.

@shogunrok great choice of musthaves all 3 are in my top 6! But @anchorsam_9 and @Quintumply have the win with sonic mania - I forgot that was due out! Nice one boys! Sammy gets a shout for Wipeout and Alex with ED. Bloomin heck what a year coming up.

1) Sonic Mania
2) Everybodies Golf
3) Wipeout
4) Mass Effect
5) Tekken
6) Persona 5
7) GT Sport
8) Yookalaylee
9) Elite Dangerous
10) Nex Machina



themcnoisy commented on Nintendo Supposedly Shunned Square Following F...:

@NintendoFan4Lyf His names Cid, pretty good engineer by all accounts.

@DerMeister the majority of people working for both companies has changed since then so yes the bad blood would have subsided. Nintendo got too big for their boots. But who can blame them? Both the Nes and Snes were awesome.

@adf86 I remember clearly the buzz and hype of the ps1. It was off the charts. As soon as the first ridge racer screen grabs came in it was game over for everything else. I remember 1 magazine (I cant remember which, but it was a multi computer magazine) did a 14 page spread on ridge racer shortly after launch, I literally NEEDED that console. I entered competitions galore to win one. I remember a side by side comparison for the ps1 and Saturn and the PS1 won every single topic. I couldn't afford one though so I visited a friend once and played the wipeout 2097 demo disc from a ps mag - 1 level - 2 ships. I played that demo for weeks if I got the chance. It blew me away like nothing before. Chuck in RR revolution, Tekken and Pandemonium and it was like Sony had turned computer gaming upside down! For my mates they had Olympic soccer. So yeah they liked it too.

I'm made up we still have Nintendo, and I never want them to change. I've never been disappointed with a Mario platform game in my whole life, they are child friendly and wii bowling 🎳 easily the best party game ever. I'm also made up we have Sony obviously. Microsoft though erm.....



themcnoisy commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Throws Possibility of S...:

@thedevilsjester nice one brother; chatting / arguing / discussing is always fun! Its funny as a ff15 article popped up with people saying the games incomplete In the comments. I'm completely warn out through our interjections here though haha 😆 So yeah I will keep my opinion to myself for a few days and am 100% not joining in. Good luck on your next project dj and if you play titanfall 2 we are getting a group together.



themcnoisy commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Throws Possibility of S...:

@thedevilsjester " think you are confusing incomplete games with terribly designed games."

No I'm not - this is the definition of incomplete;

. Not complete; not filled up; not finished; not having all its parts, or not having them all adjusted; imperfect; defective.
A most imperfect and incomplete divine.

  • Milton.

Whatever you have just written makes little to no sense, maps are purposefully pulled from the main game so you pay more, parts of games are pulled from the main release to make you pay more. Single player components stripped away.

I'm not talking about you and your games whatever your working on. That's great you develop stuff - I'm predominantly talking about EA, Activision, Ubisoft, etc etc etc. Really huge companies with huge cashflows. This is season pass culture, buy now we will fix it later culture, money greed and shafting customers culture. That's what it is.

I dont want to bang this drum - it's why I would prefer to take the topic into a conversation or preferably have journalists with much better writing skills than me investigate the current state of play. Anything I wrote can be mis quoted or misdirected, you continue to say "I'm mistaken or misunderstanding" I'm not - its there in front of me. Slapping me in the face.

I want complete games without season passes to fix them up. That's it. I'm not alone in this, just look at any board when this subject is brought up.



themcnoisy commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Throws Possibility of S...:

@dryrain Take your suggestions elsewhere Im not a child. Your Pro drm stance is repugnant. £50 is a significant amount of cash for a game - no one should have to pay more, I'm not saying FF15 or DC aren't money well spent, I'm saying they launched incomplete.



themcnoisy commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Throws Possibility of S...:

"DriveClub is quite complete and was so at launch."

Sorry dude, It wasn't complete at launch by a long stretch. I platinized this yonks ago and love it, but it wasn't complete at launch, go and read some if the initial reviews for proof. A season pass later and bing - its now complete.

"FFXV is also a fully complete game. Ive put 60 hours into it and still have another 10-20 remaining."

unfortunately massive parts of the story are missing. Literally gobbledegook during the train section. Its my goty and I've platinized this too, but its all over the place story wise. Haha season pass for the extra story da nah.

"I cannot speak to SFV other than I know that it lacked offline,"

It was complete garbage, literally a skeleton of a game. I cant even bring myself to put the disc in anymore. Maybe 2 season passes later it may be complete if we are lucky.

I have no idea why you are defending these games or even trying to argue the toss on those ones, Those 3 games, I could of chose from a ton more released incomplete. This simply wouldn't have happened 2 generations ago which is my main issue. I like Driveclub and FF15, great games - but they released incomplete. I'm not an a typical commenter who doesn't practice what I preach, or jumps on a bandwagon to prove a point. I play alot of games like you. The £100 games on the store, extra in game boosts for pre orders, season passes, Microtransactions used in a pay to win way, all that stuff boils down to game companies trying to change the way they (or rather share holders) are supported financially when the old normal way has worked fine for 30 years. Companies come and go, its a fact of life. Its not my responsibility to put food on the tables of contract workers in the game industry, I buy their game if its good enough and that's it as far as I'm concerned. As selfish as that sounds I'm pretty sure they don't give one if I do my weekly shop at Tesco either.

The list of games incomplete at launch is crazy big, MGS V, Forza 5, Titanfall, Destiny to name a few more big culprits. You could then include the likes of Mass Effect 3, with day 1 dlc. Trials whatever its called these days subheading with never ending samey dlc - COD / battlefront / battlefield with its multi mapped dlc for an exuberant price for what's actually being made. Its all nonesense, and if you don't buy the season pass you wont play the full game.

That's my issue. I dont expect more for $60 / £50 - I expect a complete game at launch.



themcnoisy commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Throws Possibility of S...:

@thedevilsjester "I think the trap you are falling in is that you think the games are released incomplete."

No - I actually Know that games are incomplete. I play incomplete games all the time. FF15, Street Fighter 5, Driveclub etc. But that's not my point really as it gets lost everytime I try to write a comment, and I think I am on the same page as you and understand your point of view. I cant argue with what you are saying, but that wasn't my original point of comment as I thought you were defending season passes as thats what the article is about. I'm obviously mistaken so I apologise for that.

I like expansion packs. But only if the original game is good enough, and released a suitably fair time after the original game. (not day 1 dlc bs)

I dislike dlc announcements pre game release, it does water down the wow factor of new games and the big studios do need to take a look at how they do their own pre release marketing as its unnecessary. Leave it a few weeks then BAM - do it then.



themcnoisy commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Throws Possibility of S...:

@thedevilsjester that's not what we are saying, we are saying we want complete games at point of delivery. We don't want promises of extras, we want complete games! We dont mind dlc..... ahem expansion packs. But that's not happening and that is the point. We are fed up of being told dlc is coming before the games out!



themcnoisy commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Throws Possibility of S...:

@thedevilsjester My point is this;

The perpetual defending of this ridiculous calamity called season passes is immature I could write a thesis on the reasons they are anti consumer, wrong and immoral.

Your reasons for real paying consumers to pay additional monies, to help to keep staff in work, is actually ill informed.

Release post content, please do - we all - ALL - are happy for that to continue. But please do not sell me a "season pass" without the seat.

You are defending a practice which asks for cash in return for fresh air. But its your money jack do with it what you want. The problem is, because you are happy to throw away money its actually affecting peoples gaming who aren't.

And yes games are releasing unfinished.



themcnoisy commented on Mass Effect: Andromeda Throws Possibility of S...:

@dryrain This is EA - a company who are listed on the Nasdaq and have net sales of 4.5 billion pounds. This line you say every time about the second hand market is crazy and stupid.

@thedevilsjester That's not what NF4Lyf is saying, what's he's saying is stop announcing 'extra' stuff before the game us announced. Something I agree with.

@NintendoFan4Lyf @JesWood13 @LieutenantFatman @johncalmc Agreed 100%

We need someone to perform an investigation about the truths and untruths on the issues involving DLC, post launch content and Microtransactions. Its obvious to me, the amount of misinformation has led to ill informed game fans being ripped off. Its pure and utter greed.



themcnoisy commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

@kyleforrester87 I really dislike the direction they took trials, the crazy over the top worlds seemed bit ott. But what's even weirder is I miss that game most weeks after trading it in! Every time its advertised on psn I hover over buying it for a few minutes.

This weekend my wife's been taken into ozy so I might be able to get a quick game of infamous In between looking after my family going to work and visiting the wife.