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Believe It or Not, People Are Actually Joining Naughty Dog

Posted by Sammy Barker

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In perhaps the most over publicised instance of employee rotation, Naughty Dog has been painted as a doomed developer over the past few months. However, for every high-profile departure, there’s been a new arrival, including the likes of legendary Halo programmer Corrinne Yu. And now Assassin’s Creed III’s lead animator Jonathan Cooper has joined the team to help out on Uncharted PS4.

Before arriving at Ubisoft Montreal to animate dowdy assassin Connor’s tomahawk, Cooper worked at BioWare on Jade Empire, Mass Effect, and Mass Effect 2. Writing on his blog, the recent recruit explained that the California-based company’s incredible work on The Last of Us convinced him to make the journey south, and that he expects Nathan Drake’s next adventure to achieve “another milestone in game animation”.

The state of the project at the moment is unknown, with directors Amy Hennig and Justin Richmond recently departing the developer. It’ll be particularly interesting to see whether we get a game demo or trailer at E3 next month, as we would have considered it a certainty a few weeks ago, but now we’re not so sure. Either way, it’s nice to hear about a new arrival at Naughty Dog for once – that departure business was getting tiresome.


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InsertNameHere said:

No, I refuse to accept this! I demand more doom and gloom!

Sony's going bankrupt! Naughty Dog is being bought by Microsoft! Bacon is made from the shattered dreams of young children!



MadchesterManc said:

Your such a liar @get2sammyb One addition can't save Naughty Dog now. They're doomed I tell you, DOOMED! They don't have enough staff to develop games anymore



N711 said:

@BornOfEvil Also ubisoft new game he was working on is doomed now
Seriously lots of insiders say we ll see Uncarted 4 gameplay at E3 and that guy started working on Uncharted in February



InsertNameHere said:

@N711 We'll probably only see a trailer, but it'll look like something from the PS1 era because Naughty Dog is out of money.



BlueProxy said:

New perspectives and proven experience with some great games. Very good news as far as I can tell.



eLarkos said:

So is a certain PushSquare regular going to comment on the success of Naughty Dog and Sony for securing top quality talent? Or are his/her thoughts only worthwhile when negativity can be spoken?



Swiket said:

If I just finished working on The Last of Us, and my next projects were The Last of Us for the PS4 and another Uncharted game, I'd be taking a good long look at the company and seeing if that's where I really wanted to continue working at.



JaxonH said:

Um, when did the "doom and gloom" start? I haven't heard any doom and gloom, just reporting on the facts is all. When you have mass departures, it's newsworthy. Doesn't mean the studio is doomed, it just means they're experiencing a very high turnover rate. It's certainly not a GOOD thing, but it's not the end of the world either. With that said, I would be concerned as to why so many people feel the need to work elsewhere.



Gamer83 said:


I've always posted positively about Naughty Dog and despite the departures of some people still said I had confidence Uncharted 4 will be a great game, just that I doubt it will be a 2014 release. They added a person with an impressive track record, that's great news, I'm interested to see what he brings to the table going forward. As far as posting only when negativity can be involved. Take that up with people doing the reporting. When all that's being reported on is departures of people who helped shape the studio in a big way that's not a good thing, but if that's all that's reported that's all that I can comment on. If we were getting more news about people replacing them, I could comment more positively, especially if the people being brought in have a great track record, but apparently it's only worth reporting the news when somebody leaves.

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