"Who's next?"

In a series of events that's beginning to look as weird as the plot from a David Lynch film, yet another Naughty Dog staffer is packing up their bags and jumping ship. Michael Knowland, the incredibly talented lead character artist on The Last of Us, has reportedly left the studio. He's yet to reveal where he plans to peddle his wares next, but after the critical success of his recent work, he's probably not going to be too hard up.

As always, it's incredibly likely that Knowland's departure is simply due to him finishing work on one highly acclaimed title, and wanting to move on to another challenge. However, this seemingly endless exodus of Naughty Dog staff does strike us as just a little bit strange. After all, both Uncharted series writer Amy Hennig and high profile producer Justin Richmond have recently left the California-based developer.

What do you make of this bizarre turn of events? Do you think that this slew of departures will have a meaningful impact on the quality of Naughty Dog's output? Stew in your speculative juices in the comments section below.

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