Programmers rarely ever take centre stage in the games industry, but Corrinne Yu has enormous pedigree behind the scenes. Having cut her teeth as an elite programmer on the classic adventure title King’s Quest for the Apple II, she adopted many game development roles before eventually winding up as the Director of Technology at Gearbox, where she played a pivotal part in modifying the Unreal Engine for the first Borderlands.

This enabled her to take on a new job at 343 Industries, where she worked as a Principal Engine Architect for Halo 4, and is widely regarded as one of the reasons that that title looked so good on the Xbox 360. Unfortunately for that team, she’s now adopted a new role as a PlayStation 4 graphics programmer at Naughty Dog – and a brief glance at her Twitter account suggests that she’s relishing the position.

“I am loving PS4 graphics coding,” she explained, after receiving a slew of congratulatory messages earlier today. “No more Windows 8 for me. [I’m] so happy.” Considering Yu’s outstanding resume, this can only bode well for Uncharted PS4, which we assume that the luminary’s been recruited to work on. Naughty Dog is no visual slouch at the best of times, but its team just got a lot stronger. Prepare for your jaw to hit the floor.

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