Dat facial hair

The game of musical chairs at Sony first-party Naughty Dog is still ongoing, as The Last of Us' lead artist Nate Wells has departed the Californian studio in order to team up with indie Giant Sparrow. You may remember the aforementioned outfit for The Unfinished Swan, which was one of our favourite games of 2012. The team is currently believed to be busy on a title named Edith Finch, though additional details are still forthcoming.

The switch will keep the skilled sketcher at the bosom of the Japanese giant’s internal operations, as his new employers are currently signed to a three-game exclusivity deal just like thatgamecompany. Still, we don’t think that you should read too much into this departure, as Wells also left Irrational Games shortly before the release of BioShock Infinite. We like to think of him as an enigma, sharing his talent with anyone that will give him a pencil and paint brush.

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