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Bungie Denies PS4 Favouritism as Xbox One Owners Revolt

Posted by Sammy Barker

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While it’s all merely fanboy posturing at the end of the day, PlayStation owners will be familiar with the feeling of betrayal. Sony associated franchises such as Final Fantasy and Metal Gear Solid popped up at numerous Microsoft press conferences during the PlayStation 3 era, cruelly emphasising the end of a number of exclusivity relationships that had previously spanned several generations.

However, recognising that this is an effective strategy, the Japanese giant has started to fight back, cleverly linking key multiformat properties such as Destiny to its next-gen device. And seeing as the developer of that particular brand has a history of making Xbox exclusives, the relationship between the PlayStation 4 and Bungie hasn’t exactly gone down well among fans of the Redmond firm.

One frustrated follower headed to the studio’s official website to air their frustrations, insinuating that the company is ignoring Xbox fans. Alas, community manager David Dague pleaded innocence: “Who's ignoring you?” he said. “We're listening to your questions, and answering the ones that we can. If you're a gamer who wants to play a Bungie game, you're very much on our mind – every day.”

The game will, of course, include exclusive content on Sony’s next-gen super machine, as well as a timed exclusive beta later this year. It’s the co-marketing partnership that Microsoft fans should be more concerned about, however, as the PlayStation maker appears to have a pretty perfect release schedule mapped out this summer, and it’s going to be hard to disrupt the momentum that that creates.


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MANTAGTJ001 said:

exclusive content will probably a timed exclusive anyways, but I would just say it is good PS4 marketing....if it was all xbox, ps fans would be crying, as I have said before, I am a GAMER, computers/consoles come and go but I am always gaming no matter what.... #gamer4life



get2sammyb said:

@MANTAGTJ001 At the end of the day, it's still a multiplatform game — like you say, this is just good marketing. It's also something that Micrsoft did extremely well in the previous generation, so Sony was always going to 'borrow' the strategy.



Demi_God said:

I believe Sony did this with the PS2, then microsoft started doing it, and now Sony is doing it. technically, Sony never "Borrwed" the strategy. lol



Paranoimia said:

Of course Bungie are going to showcase what they consider to be the best version of their game. These 'fans' had no complaints when 360 footage was predominantly shown last gen - they just don't like the fact that the boot is on the other foot.

I still think Sony need to work hard to secure exclusive content and a few 3rd-party triple-A games where possible, though (properly exclusive, not timed), because what Microsoft will do when they eventually concede their hardware is weaker, is throw money at people to prevent things going to PlayStation. It's what Microsoft do, not just in the gaming world, but every market they do business in - if you can't beat them, buy them - or stifle them as much as possible. The current 'parity' clause for games, which they're steadfastly refusing to axe, is just one example.

Some people say that's "good business". Others say it's "anti competitive". What I say is that MS historically have lots of actions against them for anti-competitive practices, and have been fined multiple times. They just don't learn, or care.



Sanquine said:

@Get2sammyb Some are really pissed off that the PS4 is the lead platform of destiny... Well, we lost imsomniac no resistance:(



adf86 said:

I think when Destiny comes out that might push the PS4's sales past ten million "The hardware that reaches ten million in sales, end up winning the generation" You know who said that...Don Mattrick circa 2008



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

Most of the extra stuff is usually generally trash but it seems for some games it may not be the case so much this gen, ie watchdogs ps4 etc. I don't really care though.



Kayoss said:

wait... Xbox fans are crying and complaining that a developer is "ignoring" them. So Call of Duty DLC timed exclusivity last gen and buying exclusivity of TitanFall for the xbox one is fair game? Go cry me a river.



charlesnarles said:

Xbox kinda killed all its exclusives by not making sequels. Mech Warrior/Commander could use a comeback, but they decide to rip it off and make Titanfall. DoA beach volleyball and Obi Wan game could have made a comeback on xbone. If branding is so important, then why is this gen lacking sequels to preciously successful franchises (instead of Vita getting the xbox oddworld game for example)?



kingandaval said:

I don't hear anyone complaining. The game will be great on both consoles. This isn't the age of difficult ports.



swordsaint4488 said:

Let me see if I understand this right...It's ok for Microsoft to have exclusivity to blockbuster titles like Halo, Gears of War and Titanfall and be the first in line for Call of Duty DLC weeks ahead of PlayStation owners but then they want to cry foul and get butthurt because they are not getting the same treatment for Destiny? Yeah, that makes alot of sense.



ThreadShadow said:

"If you're a gamer who wants to play a Bungie game, you're very much on our mind – every day.” Er, uh...except if you own a Wii U. Lets be honest now. Although I don't think we can trust the new Bungie to be honest. Especially a Bungie that fires Marty O'Donnell.



Swiket said:

No offense, but this article is a bit sensationalist. I don't see how a single user asking if Bungie will "keep ignoring" Xbox fans is the same thing as "Xbox One owners revolt!"



odd69 said:

First of all IF you put halo and destiny side by side, destiny looks like every other first person shooter. Atleast this "halo" stands out. Xboxone fans shouldn't be worried about their precious developer, as far as im concerned they can have them back.

But really Destiny doesn't look like it will do anything but be another FPS in my eyes



ThreadShadow said:

What if the gamer wants to play a Bungie game but not an MMO? I don't care for MMOs so I guess the next ten years worth of Bungie games aren't for me.

@SimonAdebisi Are you referring to no Vita support from Bungie? I think the lack of Wii U support hurts more as the Wii U symbol was on their pre-announcement website and then vanished before the big reveal.



Bad-MuthaAdebisi said:

@ThreadShadow aye I am, I'm not hugely fussed, resistance was decent and I'm looking forward to kz mercenary at some point, borderlands 2 for PS plus might not be bad either.

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