Only advertised on PS4

Even the most dedicated console warrior would agree that Microsoft did a terrific job attaching specific brands to the Xbox 360 last generation. Multiformat franchises such as Call of Duty and even Resident Evil were advertised as console exclusives, and while Sony countered with the likes of Assassin’s Creed, its efforts were never especially bold on the PlayStation 3.

Fortunately, it looks like the firm has started to change its approach, with the Japanese giant already running commercials for Destiny and Watch Dogs in North America. While the annoying audio lessens the appeal of these PlayStation 4 focused spots somewhat, the manufacturer is sparing no expense, purchasing slots during The Walking Dead and more.

In truth, it’s extremely early to be marketing these titles, but it’s pretty clear that the platform holder’s trying to associate the two brands with its next-gen machine. It’s a strategy that could pay dividends, too, as both of these properties are likely to have long lifespans throughout the entire generation. Like we said, though, it’s just a shame about the song.