You may recall that Sony has been offering 14 day free trials for subscription service PlayStation Plus to new PlayStation 4 owners as a means of demonstrating its value. Well, it seems that, as always, one devious fan has found a way to twist this act of goodwill for his own personal gain.

Speaking to VG247, the errant rogue detailed a method he used to claim the test period multiple times. So many times, in fact, that he won't need to fork out for the service again until 2035. By our shoddy calculations, that means that he's gaining a staggering 21 years completely free.

It goes without saying that we definitely do not condone these actions, and we strongly discourage you from trying to replicate this glitch. Now that the error is publicly known, however, the Japanese giant will undoubtedly be hard at work trying to create a fix.

What's more, as we've made abundantly clear in the past, we genuinely think that the premium subscription service is a brilliant deal that is worth your hard earned cash. Let us never forget the glorious day that Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida came down from on high and gifted us mere mortals with Resogun in the Instant Game Collection. What's your take on this issue? How long do you think that it'll take Sony to shut down the party? Spend 21 years in the comments section below.