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Action-Packed RPG Bound by Flame is Blazing onto PS4 This Year

Posted by Robert Ramsey

Watch the world burn

Over on the European PlayStation Blog, a bountiful amount of sizzling information regarding upcoming dark fantasy RPG Bound by Flame has been let loose, along with a tantalising new trailer for the game.

Possessed by a demonic entity, it's down to your custom character – male of female – to save the world from its destruction. Okay, maybe it sounds like every other RPG that we can think of in writing, but the trailer itself gives us a promising glimpse of the release. Full of burly, bearded warriors, giant intimidating monsters, and showcasing a lot of player customisation, this could be a fine way to get your fantasy fix on the PlayStation 4.

Talking about his experience of being involved with the development of the title in question, producer Walid Miled states that "we’ve made the fights hard and demanding", and goes on to say that "every enemy has its own specific attacks; even the basic ones can be a hassle". Indeed, even in the trailer, combat looks somewhat demanding as we watch main character Vulcan parry, dodge, cast spells, and perform weapon-based combos. And if slicing up horrific beasties isn't your thing, we also get a cheeky peek at a romance scene near the end, just in time for Valentine's Day.

Bound by Flame looks to be an ambitious title from a relatively small team, and perhaps it shows in places – but with the game set to release this Spring on the PS3 and PS4, it could prove to be the perfect way to burn through time as you await heavy-hitting RPGs like Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Take a gander at the game's trailer and let us know if it's enough to get you heated in the comments section below.


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artemisthemp said:

First I though something like a Medial Infamous, but then I swift to Dragon Age type game.
Guess I will be playing this on PS4



rjejr said:

I coudln't watch all of it, that voice over was too bad. They should get that excitable brit kid who does all the Minecraft mods. Looks ok, but I think I might be wearing out on JRPGs of this type, and I haven't even played Dragons Dogma:DA yet.



Volmun said:

The game play looks really good il have to keep an eye on this game
Think il probably spk my self Worrior and Piromancer lol seams like a good mix



Volmun said:

@rjejr DD DA is ok (the actual Dark Arisen bit i mean) but i got thrgh it in about 27 hours and there was no aditinal trophys to it althow it re branded the orignal Dragons Dogma trophy list lol - the new monsters are fun but there isnt enuff imo. The Dungen of Black rock? (Forgoten the name) gets harder when you complet it iv only done it twice so far befor burning out on the game but it gives it a bit more re play value



ShogunRok said:

Could be a decent first RPG for the PS4. I'm looking forward to seeing more soon.



Jaz007 said:

Looks interesting, I will keep my eye on this. I will probably not use the demon power too much because I don't want to look like a freaking monste. I hope bad guy option in generally don't want to be punished like that, if so, it could be a huge turn off for me. How much you look like a monster might if just use the powers already doesn't appeal to me.



drumsandperc92 said:

looks OK, but i'm waiting on the Witcher 3 and Dragon Age Inquisition. That'll keep me plenty busy as far as RPG/adventure games go to satisfy the fix till a new Elder Scrolls game is released!



BlueProxy said:

Looks pretty good. Wish it were more realistic though. Has a "PG" feel to it... similar to Kingdom of Amalur, but less color saturation. Thats just a nitpick though. Could be pretty entertaining.



GraveLordXD said:

All these games I might actually have to take a vacation from work just to play all of them man
I'm looking forward to this I love RPGs but I'm way more interested in Lords of the Fallen that games looks amazing knowing me I'll get both including about 20-30 other damn games in the near future, something's gotta give man!! I'm freaking out

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