A few days ago, we reported on a decidedly average Japanese advertisement for Sony's next-gen marvel. Apart from its patently ho-hum premise, the biggest problem with the commercial was that it almost seemed to antagonise the long suffering Japanese public over the fact that they won't be getting the shiny black box until 22nd February. To add insult to injury, Sony Computer Entertainment Japan boss Hiroshi Kawano has recently revealed that there were initially talks to bring the PS4 to the Land of the Rising Sun before the rest of the world.

"The company staff love PlayStation – you could call them a group of loyal gamers, themselves – so there was a strong opinion to 'release [the PS4] in Japan first'," Kawano stated in an interview with Weekly Famitsu."[The release date] was something that we all thoroughly debated and decided upon." Evidently, it made the right choice – the machine has sold an astronomical 4.2 million units as of 28th December – but we doubt that those astounding figures will do much to assuage angry Japanese fans.

Perhaps Kawano's surprisingly sincere apology will. "All we can do now is show through our actions that [Sony] cares very deeply for its customers in Japan," he concluded. "We hope to continue with this effort." Do you sympathise with your Japanese peers, or are you too busy trying to track down the elusive console yourself? Make a ruckus in the comments section below.

[via kotaku.com]