PlayStation 4

As has been a recurring topic on this very website, the PlayStation 4 is hard to find. Sony’s next generation console has been selling like wildfire since its release late last year, and the manufacturer is still yet to properly replenish store shelves. In fact, the firm has warned that it could take months for the ravenous demand to be fully satisfied – even though it insists that it hasn’t created an artificial shortage.

The big problem for the platform holder is that Microsoft’s slightly less popular Xbox One is now more or less readily available in most of the territories where it’s been released, leaving consumers in those regions with a bit of dilemma over which to buy. However, asked for advice on Twitter, likeable Worldwide Studio’s president Shuhei Yoshida simply responded, “Be patient.” Seems like a sound suggestion from where we’re sitting.

It’s been a while since we last received an update on the PS4’s global sales figures. We know that the platform holder had sold 2.1 million units around the time of the system’s European launch, but the company hasn’t provided any information on its performance through December. Still, the electronics giant intends to sell five million units by the end of March, so it’s going to need to get store shelves restocked pretty soon if it's going to be in with a chance of meeting its forecast.

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