The one that everyone wants

Sony boss Kaz Hirai’s rousing CES 2014 keynote earlier today centred on the idea of ‘wow’, and the company delivered a jaw dropping announcement of its own by confirming that the PlayStation 4 has already surpassed sales of 4.2 million units. Those numbers are accurate to 28th December, meaning that the figures are likely even higher at the time of writing. Gob-stopping stuff, huh?

It’s not entirely clear whether the firm's citing shipped or sell-through numbers, but seeing as you can’t find the Japanese giant’s next generation machine anywhere, we’re not sure that the distinction makes a whole lot of difference. For comparison, the Xbox One has sold a whisker over three million units to date, while the Wii U was at 3.9 million units the last time Nintendo provided an update at the end of September.

Last year, the company announced that it aims to sell five million next generation consoles by the end of March. We don't think it'll have too much trouble achieving that figure. [Update: The platform holder has just confirmed that the abovementioned figures are sold through to consumers.]