It’s been a couple of months since the PlayStation 4 officially launched, but Sony has still managed to keep the majority of its upcoming exclusive content under wraps. That’s caused some impatient pundits to ponder whether the platform holder actually has any worthwhile first-party titles to announce – but judging by comments made by hardware marketing executive John Koller, the company’s merely biding its time until E3 2014.

“It’s going to be a massive content year,” the suit said of the fast-approaching show. “We’ve talked publically that there’s a huge and significant amount of games coming this year to the PS4. We’ll be showing a lot of those and it's going to be an exciting moment for many people. I can officially confirm that what is coming next is really spectacular.”

Koller added that the types of titles on the horizon are “absolutely fantastic”, and will help to show what makes the Japanese giant’s new system “special”. He continued: “There’s a lot of innovation – that’s something that we really want to push. This is going to be one of those years where we’re going to have a fun time showing lots of new games to the world.”

Perhaps the most exciting thing is that we’ve hardly heard a peep from a large number of the platform holder’s internal studios, including outfits such as Media Molecule and Sony Bend. With the manufacturer recently hinting that all of its teams are busy with the next-gen machine, it certainly has a shot at bringing the roof down in Los Angeles.

Indeed, while many have lamented the firm’s decision to keep so much of its software secret, we think that this strategy is going to pay dividends in the long-term. The big question is: what are you most eager to see? Personally, the supposed space escapade in production at Sony Santa Monica has been keeping us up at night – but don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.