Perfectly normal

While we continue to chew over that strange sculpting demo that Media Molecule presented during February’s big PlayStation 4 unveiling, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida has been offered a closer look. As part of his trip to the Develop Conference in Brighton this week, the developer got a chance to catch up with Media Molecule – and had his mind blown in the process.

“Demoed our work in progress PS4 stuff to Shuhei Yoshida today,” Tweeted studio co-founder Alex Evans. “Happy he didn’t scream and run away. Thanks for coming over.” The likeable executive promptly responded: “My mind was slightly blown and stopped functioning.” We’re not sure whether that’s a good thing to be honest.

Yoshida then turned the conversation to everyone’s favourite cephalopod-inspired indie hit. “I'm slightly worried if Media Molecule's new game can beat Octodad: Dadliest Catch,” he said. “Cool is out, awkward is in.”

We’ll leave you to piece together the ambiguity of the Tweets, but it’s probably safe to assume that Media Molecule’s next project is going to be weird. Then again, you should have figured that out when it decided to present a puppet show with PlayStation Move controllers during this year's PlayStation Meeting.

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