Need a bigger screen

If you were worried that the PlayStation 4 could fall victim to a pesky software drought, we reckon that it’s probably best if you put those concerns to the back of your mind. An updated press release published by Sony has revealed that a whopping 505 developers are currently actively producing or planning content for the next generation console. That’s an enormous increase over the 126 studios revealed in February.

While it’s unlikely that all of these teams will publish brilliant blockbusters – many of them probably won’t even finish their games – it’s still an impressive sum, and it’s sure to culminate in some great titles over the coming years. The press release adds that the platform holder itself is working on 30 new experiences, 20 of which are set to release within the console’s first year on the market. We’re confident that that figure was included to belittle Microsoft’s 15 exclusives promise.

Still, it’s nice to know that developers are adopting the system in their droves. We’ve yet to see much of the PS4’s lineup beyond the obvious launch window hits, but we suspect that both GamesCom and Tokyo Game Show later in the year will bring plenty more news.

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