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Weirdness: What if The Last of Us Was a LEGO Game?

Posted by Sammy Barker


Naughty Dog's current generation swansong The Last of Us isn't a LEGO game – but it would make a pretty good one if this video's anything to go by. The short – created by animator Brian Anderson – shows protagonists Joel and Ellie clearing out a warehouse infested with Clickers. Somehow, the clip manages to make the brutal exclusive appear family-friendly – even when fungal-infected foes are being shot in the face.


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charlesnarles said:

Pretty funny, but I don't see why it wouldn't play well. They could make LEGO parodies for kids of all the M-rated 3rd-person games. LEGO Tomb Raider, LEGO God of War, LEGO Metal Gear Solid... I honestly wouldn't mind and might get a kick out of watching my kids play parodies of games I used to



Madd_Hatter401 said:

Lol brilliant! I love the walking dead reference at the end. I'm very happy I still own this game, I'll probably finish my second play through sometime this week.



DeHorror1975 said:

I loved the surprise ending. I'm a huge fan of both the last of us, and the walking dead. If they had included the game of thrones somehow I might have just passed out!



artemisthemp said:

I wouldn't be surprised to see a Lego The Last of US, since Lego is making games and toys of the popular stuff

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