Sony is struggling to keep up with demand for its impending next generation console. Despite increasing its internal estimates after an outrageously strong E3 showing earlier in the year, the company conceded that it may not be able provide everyone with a system this Christmas – and that issue’s been exacerbated by the Xbox One’s delay across Europe.

“The level of pre-orders is real high,” SCEE president Jim Ryan told Dutch television network RTL News. “There will be some stock which is not set aside for pre-orders, but you’re going to have to get up really early or go to bed very late, depending on what your habits are. Demand is very considerable.”

Microsoft delayed its own system across a number of key European territories earlier in the year – a move which furthered interest in the Japanese giant’s machine. “Our plans were made a little bit more complicated when our competitor decided that they weren't going to launch in the Netherlands before Christmas, so that obviously meant demand for the PS4 increased,” he added.

The platform holder has already amassed over one million pre-orders of its soon-to-be-released device, but analysts suspect that that number could already be significantly higher. Exactly how many systems the firm will be able to ship this year is unclear, but the organisation has said that it wants to sell five million units by the end of March.