PlayStation 4

Sony casually confirmed that PlayStation 4 pre-orders have exceeded one million units overnight, putting the next generation system on track to be the largest PlayStation launch in history. In fact, speaking with, SCEUK’s likeable gaffer Fergal Gara admitted that the numbers are already “way over and above and beyond” the PS2 and PS3’s launch day deposits.

“We’re not disclosing the exact number [of PS4 units] that we’ll have on day one,” he said. “Clearly we’re working hard to satisfy a lot of countries. We mentioned 32 countries last night. The one comment that I’ll make about the pre-order number is that first of all, it’s greater than a million, and secondly, the UK represents a very healthy slug of that. We’re undeniably seeing a sea change.”

Gara added that getting enough units onto store shelves to satisfy demand is an undeniable issue, but that it’s a good problem to have. “I'm very, very pleased with it,” he grinned. “We will be looking at sell outs in areas. We're doing everything that we can to secure every last unit, so that we can do our very best to meet the demand as it stands for day one.”

The outspoken executive continued that the October release date rumours were nonsense. “It was always going to be November,” he said. “Yesterday there were some rumours of October, but rumours are rumours. I've never heard October mooted internally. So, we're just delighted that we're locked in for November.”

We did wonder if the release date may be a little late, but with stock likely to be limited until the New Year, we don’t really think that it matters when the PS4 deploys. Obviously we’d have preferred an earlier launch, but only because we’re desperate to get our hands on the console now. November seems so far away.

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