PlayStation 4

Sony is set to introduce a pre-order deadline for the PlayStation 4 in the UK, according to retail sources speaking with CVG. The site reports that any purchases placed beyond 5th August may not secure you a system at launch. If accurate, it means that you’ve got less than a week to put a deposit down on your console if you want to get one on release day.

The publication notes that you’ll still be able to pre-order after the aforementioned date, but your request will be pushed to the back of the queue. With demand expected to seriously outstrip supply, it’s possible that your order may not be fulfilled until stock is fully replenished. That could mean waiting until after Christmas.

The outlet adds that stores have been promised additional units for general sale on day one, so you may still have an opportunity to get a console if you don’t pre-order. We suspect that you’ll have to battle your way to the checkout to secure those scant wild consoles, though. Sadly, the platform holder has refused to comment.

Regardless, if you haven’t already requested your system, this should put the wind in your sails. It’s becoming increasingly clear that numbers are going to be limited this year, and with stocks starting to run dry, you’re in danger of running out of time. If you want to be playing Killzone: Shadow Fall this, er, fall, you know what you need to do.