We’ve already established in previous posts that the PlayStation 4’s controller is a massive improvement over its predecessor. While we’re big fans of the DualShock 3, the enhanced analogue sticks and triggers included onboard Sony’s latest input device make it significantly more satisfying to operate. As such, you may wish that you could use the DualShock 4 on your current generation console. The good news is that you can – but there are some caveats.

Computer Bild employee Udetto – who you may recognise from a slew of coverage that the German website’s been publishing over the past week or so – has uploaded a video testing out the new peripheral on the PlayStation 3, which works perfectly in games such as Urban Trial Freestyle – but only when its actually plugged in. Unfortunately, it seems that the device is unable to establish a connection to the console when you remove the USB attachment.

Furthermore, while it’s not shown in the video, the mutton chopped mogul admits that the controller failed to work with recent release FIFA 14. As a consequence, it seems like this is only going to function on a case-by-case basis. However, with the platform holder reportedly extending DualShock 4 support to PCs, we wouldn’t be surprised if the firm eventually added complete compatibility to the PS3, too.

Are you eager to use the next generation system’s input device on your existing machine? Check out the video below, and push our buttons in the comments section.

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