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Pssht, You Won't Need to Pay to Share Game Footage on PS4

Posted by Sammy Barker

Shiny happy people

We’re convinced that Sony’s been glugging holy water or something. The company can’t seem to do anything wrong at the moment – and that’s making Microsoft’s errors stand out like a lighthouse beacon. Earlier in the week, the Redmond-based manufacturer revealed that you’ll need an Xbox Live Gold account to access the Xbox One’s video recording functions. However, they’ll be free on the PS4.

Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed the news on Twitter – presumably with a grin. So, while you’ll need a PlayStation Plus subscription to access multiplayer on Sony’s next generation system, you won’t need one for applications like Netflix, free-to-play games, or the console’s share functionality. It’s still not as good as the free PlayStation 3, but it’s certainly better than the alternative.


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ViciousDS said:

Damn you Sammy, I was just strolling through Neogaf and noticed this lol, you following me?



mibtar said:

Yoshida should have kept it under wraps. Now MS is going to copy them again and do another 180.



RawShark said:

I'm still struggling to come up with bits of my gameplay I'd want to share with other people:

"Here's the bit where I was playing The Last of Us, got into a panic, shot three shotgun rounds directly into the air above me, accidentally started crafting a molotov, then got mauled by a clicker." 0 people like this.



get2sammyb said:

@RawShark There's tons of stuff you could do: sharing a crazy goal in FIFA, a ridiculous moment in Call of Duty, some of the Easter Eggs you found in The Last of Us. I think the novelty will wear off after a while, but there's still value in the feature.



PMasterTy9 said:

I would bet money Microsoft is going to make this free before the system launches.



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@RawShark I'd watch that...out of sympathy, because my gameplay-sessions sometimes look quite similar.

Btt: Amazing news...I remember when "we all" discussed which of the announced features like the above would be behind a paywall. Back then, after the Feb. 20th reveal. Who would've thought back then that it'd be all free...except online multiplayer, that is.

Indeed another blow for MS. I couldn't care less about the Xbox Ones TV- and up until now, the PS4 seems to do everything I'm interested better than the X1...and way cheaper. Me likes.



Dolphan2388 said:

Good not to hide the feature behind a paywall. I'm still curious if spectator mode and being able to control your friends game through gaikai will be ready at launch. I haven't heard Sony mention those features since February.



rockman29 said:

There's tons of times in PlanetSide 2 on PC where I want to make a video of something I wasn't recording...

So I may get use out of this feature



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@Dolphan2388 Sony did say that Gaikai wouldn't really kick off until 2014, so I'd guess the features you mentioned won't be available at launch.

Curious how that'll work out. Sound like a general spectator mode and remote control could be fun.



Dolphan2388 said:

I know Sony said 2014 but they only mentioned the streaming of ps1, ps3, and ps3 games. They didn't mention the other features. Hopefully we'll hear more about it at gamescom in just a little over a week.



JaxonH said:

See, now THIS is where Sony gets my loyalty over MS in console priority. I don't like recurring costs, and will not be an Xbox Live or PS Plus subscriber. Never have been, never will be. It's like paying rent- never-ending monthly bills, and as soon as you stop paying, your games/features are evicted from you.

At least with the PS4, I can still utilize many of the features like game-sharing or Netflix (which in all honesty SHOULD be free- I don't think Sony's giving us a deal so much as MS is ripping us off)

Having said that, I'm still disappointed I won't have online connectivity for my games anymore on PS4, due to the fact I refuse to pay a monthly fee. Not because I'd ever play online, because I rarely do, but based on principle. I'm still ticked off Sony got a free pass on that. We should have stood up for free online like the MS fans stood up to MS against DRM.



artemisthemp said:

Breaking news: Microsoft have just announce that Silver customers only will be able to do 3(4) things on Xbox One without Gold 1. Buy a Gold Subscription 2. Play SP (this may change without notice) and 3. Buy DLC (you will not be able to access free DLC without Gold) + To be nice 4. Turn on your Xbox One.

In others News The Last Guardian will ship to retailer tomorrow



BlueProxy said:

MS is really grabbing for every, tiny-little opportunity to snag a few more bucks form people. To me it's like your carrier charging you to record video on you phone. Has nothing to do with the phones function, but is considered a basic feature.



RawShark said:

@Ginkgo Oh well in that case get ready for a series of videos where I'm inadvertently flicking my flashlight on and off during intense battles and hitting the crouch button when I'm supposed to be running like hell



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@JaxonH I can understand why you're upset about the cost for PS4-multiplayer...and I agree that the free stuff on PS4 (especially Netflix and such) should be free. I mean, people already pay a monthly fee for this...and then are supposed to pay again, just to use it on their home console? Riiight. So yeah, MS is ripping off its customers in that regard.

However, I think (fo me) it's okay that Sony charges for PS4 online gaming. They already said that to better the service and make it more solid, and, let's be honest, PSN could use that. I think that everything online (gaming, matchmaking, browsing the store, downloading, installing and patching) runs better and smoother on the 360, so Sony needs to do some catch up and that costs money...hence the charging for online play.

Even without PS+, the PS4 still offers incredible value...and you don't even need PS+ to play free to play online games like Warframe, Planetside 2 and such. Besides, I personally don't mind to pay around 47,- € a year to access lots of games...and even get a "smaller" version of DriveClub for PS4 at launch.



FullbringIchigo said:

and Sony one up MS again, really at the moment i don't know why anyone would choose the XB1 over the PS4 (unless your a big Forza or Halo fan that is)



JaxonH said:


Yeah, I just miss the days when there were no monthly fees on a console. Not saying there isn't value in PS4 (still buying one) or PS+ (my brothers swears by it, tells me every day how great it is and what new game he got to download, I hear it to no end lol). I'd just rather use that money to but an extra game our two a yr.

I'll get over it. Can't change it, might as well accept it



Reverend_Skeeve said:

@JasonH Agreed. I've been a gamer for over 30 years now...and I also miss the good old days of "just pop the game in and play"...without patches, online checks or any such stuff. *wipes away a nostalgic tear

That said, PS+ is indeed great. Got a friends PS3 a few weeks ago and got PS+ and I really enjoy the games I get to play. X-Com is awesome and I really enjoy Saints Row 3, a game I never would've bought but enjoy a lot because the missions are often so wonderfully crazy and over the top.

I can understand, though, why you'd rather spend that money elsewhere.

I must admit that I rarely played online, too on my (sold) 360 and I had Xbox Live Gold...if ever, I played coop with friends or people I at least knew personally...I find most people I met in open online lobbys either annoying or simple too good for my skill level.

Meaning: I maybe wouldn't even need PS+ on PS4, but if Sony continues to offer such great value for it on PS4, I might still get it. And who knows...maybe I'll play online more next gen. The people here seem like decent folks, so I wouldn't mind trying out online gaming again with some guys from the Pushsquare-community.

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