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SoulCalibur II HD Online Picks a Fight with PlayStation 3

Posted by Sammy Barker

Two souls, fiercely entangled

SoulCalibur II HD Online, an enhanced re-release of the brawler that single-handedly consumed our school days, is set to enter the ring on the PlayStation 3 this fall. As the name hints, the high-definition upgrade of the PlayStation 2 classic will regale its eternal tale with online multiplayer in tow. Console exclusive character Heihachi Mishima will even put in an appearance.

There’s no word on whether the awesome single player campaign from the original will make the jump, too, but it makes sense. Are you eager to re-enter the stage of history? Show your appreciation by posting your best Voldo impression in the comments section below.


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get2sammyb said:

If the single player's intact, I will greedily purchase this the minute that it's released.



InsertNameHere said:

I'm definitely picking this up, the original game was fantastic. I can't wait to play as Taki again, she and Kilik were always my favorite characters - Yoshimitsu too, but who doesn't love him?



redd214 said:

Spent an entire summer playing this game when I was a kid. Please God include the campaign!



ShogunRok said:

The best Soul Calibur game as far as I'm concerned. It was all downhill from here. I put countless hours into this back on GameCube.



Azikira said:

This is possibly my favorite fighting game of all time, but GOD I hated Heihachi!! I wasn't even a fan of Link (and I love TLoZ). Give me Spawn D: He was statistically the worst but the most mobile and ridiculous character in the game!



B_Boss said:

It would be nice to see a remake or HD/revamped version of Soul Edge/Blade.....the game had the best of everything (alternate, realtime endings and alternates as well, Edge Master Modem etc, etc) just about being the original. To this day the soundtracks of every SC since cannot come close. This is still pretty cool news in any event. Its almost as painful as hoping for Kojima to remake Metal Gear 1 in 3D lol....he keeps going for MGS....



artemisthemp said:

Online only = Guess I can setup my Xbox One, Gamecube or PS2 up and play it.
SP mode = Namco were due I throw my money?

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